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SwingaLicious- Bass, Boobs, Beats iV Bars

May 5, 2023 11:57 AM (1+ Years)

If you're not by the pool yet, you are missing out!  We are doing poolside iVs in the DP cabana so you can still be in the party  Our fabulous licensed medic, Sonny, is here to take care of you. We have 4 cocktails you can choose from and MIC+ shots, Zofran and Toradol.  We take walk-ins. Text us at 832-764-0001 or just come on by. Today and tomorrow.

-iV Bars Team

Apr 30, 2023 8:01 PM (1+ Years)

New!!!  We have the booking link up so that you can easily book your appointment with iV Bars online!  We are replacing the Jolt on the menu with LIBIDO.  This is special for this weekend's party.  Libido supports sex drive, stamina, and youthful vitality and best for those wanting to feel youthful and sexy and to have a good time with your partner.  Schedule now at this link Book my iV, or TEXT 832-764-0001.  We have only licensed RN's to ensure the best service for the DP part crowd, including the DJ's, to keep them going into the wee hours.

-iV Bars Team

Apr 28, 2023 9:05 AM (1+ Years)

We are back!  Thank you Mr. DP for including iV Bars as part of your takeovers!  

The iV Bars Team is part of the Desirous Party family and providing iV hydration for the Houston, TX based takeovers for several years now and luckily we operate in Florida too! So happy to be seeing all of you at Secrets next week!  If you would like to book an iV Hydration cocktail onsite with us, text at 832-764-0001. We will be setup Friday and Saturday at the resort from 10-6 with 4 of our most popular mixes for all of your party needs.  

-iV Bars Team

Apr 27, 2023 12:39 PM (1+ Years)

iV Bars will be in attendance for SwingaLicious. They will take walkups and or you can schedule one for Fridyay and Saturday of the event from 10am-6pm. This marks iV Bars fourth year to cater to our hotel takeover guests. All the party veterans know that iV Bars is the go to for the pre party prep routine as well as a must as we progress thru the party weekend. Keeping your body hydrated is KEY to making the most out of this amazing weekend!! It is a game changer, Please see their flier below for a list of cocktails.  

Schedule your appointment by texting 832-764-0001 or you can walk in as well. The plan is to have iV Bars set up during the day in Club Secrets on Friday and Saturday from 10am-6pm. 


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