Questions and Answers about Desirous Party

What is DesirousParty?
DesirousParty is:
  • A social Lifestyle site for real couples and single females only. 
  • Single Males are not allowed on the site. 
  • A one stop society where you can find profiles for upscale real couples/single females, parties, group trips and so much more. 
  • A Lifestyle site requiring at least one photo to be on the member profile displaying that they are a real couple and or singel female. to qualify to be on the site.You may blur faces etc...
  • A site geared to members who are looking for something uniquely different and other like minded couples and single females. 
  • A society of educated, professional, upscale individuals who stand out amongst the crowd. Whom look for and to be something uniquely different.
  •  For the single female or couple who is looking to relive or create that erotic energy between them. 
  •  Designed for and about the ladies so that they can feel free to let their hair down so to speak and have a little fun while out and about with DesirousParty. 
  • The Hottest parties at the most upscale venues.  
  • Hosting events at safe environments where the individual can partake in our teasing, erotic and fun party themes.
  • Fun, sexy group travel to the most upscale clothing optional resorts.
DesirousParty is not: 
  • A brick n mortar swingers club- it is a online society
  • A cookie cutter same old thing website. 
  • A site that allows single males to have profiles
Can you describe members and or party guests of DesirousParty?
Here is how they describe themselves:"One thing we do have in common is that we go the extra mile or step to take care of ourselves. Some of us exercise religiously, some follow a  diet and some do both. Others are just self conscious and strive to take care of their body and hygeine. We dress to impress and like to standout in a crowd and be noticed. So age does not always matter."
" is a society comprised of couples and single females in their 20's-50's.They are a mixture of all variations of the lifestyle (swinging), from curious,open minded, experienced, not experienced or just wanting to be care free. Wanting to have a great time without being exposed to rude,crude people who don't like others who like to let their hair down from time to time.This group genre is one of educated professionals from all walks of life. When you bring together a group of people with many common goals,beliefs and practices and put them into an atmosphere such as a intimate resort, then you better be ready for the vacation of a lifetime. Because you are going to make some memories.
Why only couples and single females at the parties?
Couples and single females only
Let me get something straight.  Couples only does not mean swingers.  The word swinging has been given a bad reputation over the years. The liifestyle and our events are made up of all walks of lifestyle from the curious to the experienced. So don't expect to walk in and see people doing it on the tables.  Its the total opposite.  Since only single females and couples are let in, this makes a respectful enviroment for you and your lady.  We have all seen how drunk single males can ruin a party.  This is something you will never have to worry about in this establishment. It's all about having some sexy fun, meeting other people and what goes on when you leave is to each his own. 
Plus how often does your female partner want to wear something that perhaps is a little to sexy and provocative to wear in a regular club. You have to worry about her being harassed by single males and or other females who give that non approving look. You want her to wear it but its not worth the harassment which will spoil the fun evening. 
Which is the reason the DP parties were created. We provide fun themes, sexy evenings and a chance to mix n mingle with others. But what you do when you leave the party  is your own business as we dont judge others. Our goal is to just give you a safe fun environment to let loose and leave the everyday world outside for a few hours.
Why do you host trips to Caribbean locations?
The resorts that we frequent are very upscale and clothing optional. Like our events the resorts are geared toward the guests who is looking to add a little spice and or relaxation to their lives. DP takes a fun energetic group to exotic locals for up to a week.You can be as wild as you want to be by night or let the sand gravity pull you down by day and just relax. You set the tone as our hosts resorts have it all.
Why do you make couples and single females post a picture on their rsvp member profile?
This is to our way to attempt to ensure that the couple or single female is real in their profile. We do not make it necessary for the individual to show their faces. We respect discretion and one can always blur their faces. However this site is for and about real couples and single females and we strive to keep it as such. 
What kind of music do you play at your events?
Dp's DJ's play a mix of top 40 dance, house, high energy dance remixes,  hip-hop (not rap), and some current rock n roll. Basically whatever it takes to get the energy flowing at our events.
We notice that you take pictures at your parties. Do we have to take a picture?
Again its all about respect. Our guests who have their pictures taken will get their faces blurred before they are posted as most wish to remain discreete. If you do not wish to have your picture taken then a polite, "No Thank You" is all that it takes. We do ask that you do not personally take your camera to our events as others may not want their pictures taken as most of our guests like to remain discreet.