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Wicked Eden- Dirty Vibes Temptation Tower Takeover Wicked Eden Itinerary

Apr 13, 2020 1:23 PM (10+ Months)

10-23-2020- Saturday nights Sky Bar events now start at 830pm. So mixer at 830pm with cocktails and opportunity to book TRYST 2021 and Wicked Eden 2021. Djs and special entertainment starts at 930pm. 

10-23-2020- Tonites room crawl has been postponed for this trip. We will reconvene it at TRYST 2021. 

10-23-2020- Dj LIne up change for tonight at Club Bash.

  • 11pm Kyd Wicked to 1230am
  • 1230am to 2am- KRTL
  •  Score Bar after hours Dj lineup remains the same. 

 10-21-2020- Bar crawl today at 130pm. Boost bar at the big sexy pool. Meet on beach side of the bar. Great mix n mingle with drinks, games and someone will win a nice prize. We will be stopping at 4 bars with Boost being the first one. 

10-09-2020- Dj set times are now posted in each day's timeline. Please note that dj set times are subject to change. If so they will be updated on this itinerary. 

Theme Nights

  •  Tuesday Night- Golden Paradise-  A night of all gold fashions. Let your creativity be your golden ticket to the night of body paint, body art, gold fashions, shimmer, shine and bling.
  • Wednesday Night- Wicked A.B.C.- anything but clothes with a wicked spin. Very fun theme to creative on. 
  • Thursday Night- Black Out Neon Glow- all neon glow attire party theme. Then at the after party in Score bar. We are going to have a black out party. So the only thing showing during the increments of black out will be your neon glow attire. 
  •  Friday Night- Heroes vs. Villains. You can take it down the super hero path or get creative and think coyote vs. roadrunner. lol Perhaps Superman vs. Batman, Luke vs. Vader.....Of course with a sexy twist no matter which creative direction you go with this one.
  • Saturday Night- Wicked Eden- Eden is a paradise full of beautiful creatures and sexy people. Yet there is also a evil side of Eden. What side of the apple are you on? Get creative with your costumes, butterflies, barely clad ladies, devils, nymphs, body paint,  sultry gents teasing the apple to be bitten.........

Headline Dj's for Wicked Eden 2020

Dj's are Scottyboy, Kyd Wicked, Mikedrop, dropcap, Moe Green and Saxophonists Jason Whitmore. 

Itinerary for Wicked Eden 2020

This is the Wicked Eden 2020 Dirty Vibes group itinerary.  These events are ONLY for Wicked Eden group guests and or people who have purchased the dirty vibes Wicked Eden group event wristband. A special dirty vibes group wristband will be issued at the Welcome mixer on October 20th.  You will need this wristband for entrance to all private events as security will be checking for it. For more information please call 855-337-4768 to speak with RCT. 

  • Tuesday October 20th
  • 7:30pm-9:30pm- Sky Lounge- Private Group Welcome Mixer - Group Event Wristbands issued. Along with appetizers, room door whiteboards, name necklaces created, DV swag passed out etc.....mixing and mingling with everyone from the group. 
  • 9:30pm-2am- Sky Lounge- Golden Paradise Group theme- Takeover of the entire Sky 3.5 Lounge
  •        9:30p.m. 11:pm- Dj Kyd Wicked
  •       11pm-12:30am- Moe Green
  •       12:30am-2am- Mikedrop
  • 1:30a.m.-4a.m. - Sports Bar After Party for Wicked Eden Guests Only- Dj's TBA  announced in September
  •         1:30a.m.-2:45a.m.- dropcap
  •         2:45am-4am- Scottyboy
    • Wednesday October 21st
  • 11am to 1:30pm- Hang out at the big sexy pool, mixing and mingling
  • 1:30pm-3pm- Wicked Eden Group Temptation Bar Crawl - location of 1st bar will be announced in early October. 
  • 3pm-6pm- Sky Lounge Pool Party-  
  •       3pm-4pm- dropcap
  •       3:30-4:30pm- Go Go Dancers to start the party going. 
  •       4pm-5pm- Scottyboy accompanied by saxophonists, Jason Whitmore
  •       5pm-6pm- Kyd Wicked
  • 9pm-2am- Club Bash- Wicked Eden Theme Night- Wicked ABC
  •  9pm-10pm- Mixing and mingling in the bar area
  • -10pm-11pm- Special Entertainment Selected by your Temptation Production Team 
  •        11pm-12:30- Moe Green
  •        12:30am-2am- Scottyboy w/ saxphonists Jason Whitmore
  • 1:30a.m.-4a.m. - Sports Bar After Party for Wicked Eden Guests Only
  •         1:30a.m-2:45am- Mikedrop
  •         2:45am-4am- Dj Vox
  • Thursday October 22nd
  • 11am-3:30pm- Dirty Vibes Catamaran Party Cruise (meet 10:40am sharp at the bar on backside of the big sexy pool- ocean side)
  • Noon to 6pm- Big Sexy Pool All Day- For guests not going on the party boat.
  • 9:30pm-2am- Sky Lounge- Night Time Glow Foam Pool Party- Group theme- Black Out Neon Glow Theme party-  
  •         9:30-11pm-dropcap
  •        11pm-12:30am- Kyd Wicked
  •        12:30am-2am- Mikedrop 
  • 1:30a.m.-4a.m. - Sports Bar After Party for Wicked Eden Guests Only- Theme party will carry over to Score as we will have black out sessions where everyone glows during the after party- 
  •         1:30am-2:30am- Scottyboy
  •         2:30am-4am- KRTL
  • Friday October 23rd
  • Noon-3pm- Big Sexy Pool
  • 3pm-6pm- Sky Bar Pool Party with Dirty Vibes Dj's spinning 
  •       3pm-4:30- Kyd Wicked
  •       3:30pm- 4:30pm- GoGo dancers 
  •       4:30pm-6pm- dropcap
  • 9pm-2am- Club Bash- Group Theme- Heroes vs. Villians 
  •  9pm-10pm- Mixing and mingling at the bar area etc..-
  • 10pm-11pm- Special Entertainment Selected by your Temptation Production Team
  • 11pm-2am- Wicked Eden DJ’s at Club Bash- 
  •        11pm-12:30pm- Kyd Wicked
  •        12:30pm-2am- KRTL
  • 1am -- Wicked Eden Group Tower Room Crawl-  Postponed
  • 1:30a.m.-4a.m. - Sports Bar After Party for Wicked Eden Guests Only- 
  •         1:30am-2:30am- dropcap
  •         2:30am-4am- Mikedrop
  • Saturday October 24th
    • Noon-6pm- Big Sexy Pool-
    • 2:30pm-6pm- Foam Pool Party- Big Sexy Pool- Wicked Eden Dj's headlining- the Big Sexy Pool Foam Party- stage set up poolside- Wicked Eden guests will have a special section directly in front of stage. Cabanas/Egg Loungers with bottle service can be rented. 
    •         2:30pm-3:45pm- Moe Green
    •         3:45pm-5pm- Scottyboy w/ Jason Whitmore on Saxophone
    •         5pm-6pm- Mikedrop
    • 8:30pm-930pm- Private Wicked Eden Group Mixer- Sky Lounge- Saying goodbye, thanking you for joining us and a chance to book future Dirty Vibes Group Trips. - 
    • 9:30p.m. Special entertianment that will include pyro artists, dancers, fireworks and more in the Sky Lounge. 
    • 10pm-2am- Sky Lounge- Group Theme- Wicked Eden- 
    •         9:30pm-11pm- Kyd Wicked
    •         11pm-Midnight- Moe Green
    •         Midnight- 1am- Mikedrop
    •         1am-2am- dropcap
    •         2am-3am- Scottboy

Aug 11, 2020 2:22 PM (6+ Months)

Group itinerary has been revised. Please see previous post for the latest itinerary. 

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