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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend- Total Hotel Party Weekend 2014 What is Purgatory Weekend & Other Questions

Jul 11, 2014 11:47 AM (9+ Years)

Q: Are tickets and rooms still available for this weekend?

A: Yes you may purchase tickets at any event. You may also continue using the booking link and or call into the hotel and ask for the party block this weekend. Ticket prices can be accessed by clicking on the party flier on the main page of the site. Just scroll down through the party information and look for cover charge. 

Jul 10, 2014 10:09 PM (9+ Years)

Sundance Lounge will open up at 3pm on Friday for those who wish to meet there to mix n mingle before the pool party starts etc.. It nice and intimate so a great way to say hi to others. It's also a quieter venue we like to escape to over the weekend so a great place to hold conversations. The check in will be right outside the Lounge so a perfect location to catch a drink as well. 

Jul 10, 2014 9:16 PM (9+ Years)

Update timeline for dj's on Friday


4pm to 715pm Dj M.E.

715pm to 830pm ShadowRed

830pm to 915pm dropcap

915pm to 10pm Adrenal

Grand Ballroom

10pm to 11pm Damian

11pm to Midnight Seismyc

Midnight to 2am Stonebridge

So 7 dj's to start off the party weekend in a very big way. 

Jul 7, 2014 7:41 PM (9+ Years)

Q: What is the dress code for the pool parties and night time events. 

A: Itsy bitsy bikinis, scrunch bottoms etc.. are great for the pool parties. Just keep those tata'a covered. For the night time events you can dress as little as thongs, pasties and wings. Just keep the naughty parts (lol) covered. If roaming the hallways, elevators just stay covered of some sort as we do not freak out the hotel staff. Body paint is also perfectly fine. Just make sure those parts are painted. We have a video to watch to get an idea along with last years party photos to get an idea what to expect. But the sexier the better. 

Jul 6, 2014 11:46 AM (9+ Years)

Q: Do we have to get a hotel room to attend the events. 

A: No you do not have to get a hotel room to attend any of the events. We offer the room blocks as it amps up the weekend fun. So we create a total hotel party weekend where all events are held at the hotel. Guests can mix n mingle all weekend long. But if you just wish to attend one or all events and come and go. Then by all means please do so if that is your wish. As party passes can be bought for only 1 event or a full weekend pass. 

Q: Is this a BYOB event. 

A: No as the hotel follows TABC and City of Houston laws. We will have cash/c.c. bars set up at each event and Sundance Lounge will be open at the hotel for our guests as well. Full bars will be set up and the Lounge will have speciality draft beers as well. 

So no outside food/beverage allowed into the event areas. Which includes specialty cups, water bottles etc... Hotel has given us some incredible drink prices and this allows them to make their money so we are allowed to host these events at their facility. Which is very unique for our party group as in the State of Texas its very hard to get such a warm welcome from a upscale hotel who loves to cater to our crowd. 

Jul 2, 2014 10:26 AM (9+ Years)

Lots of questions from first time guests on what to expect and what Purgatory weekend is all about. We made this video from last years party pics. We pull together a select group from across the U.S. at a upcale hotel that has a boutique pool. If you like high energy dj's, love to stand out in the crowd, looking to meet like minded individuals, love looking at sexy bodies like you and looking to mix n mingle and meet new friends. Then this event is for you. Along with two pool parties we also love catering to the ladies who love to dress in theme as we bring to you two night parties in the grand ballroom. Not to mention an event encompassing 11 renowned dj's from across the globe who know how to move those sexy bodies. We have a 175 room group block that is nearing a sell out. This is our 9th year to host this party and this year we are pulling out all the stops in Dp style! We hope to see you there. As always you do not have to be a member of Dp to attend. You just have to be a couple/ single female and come ready for a awesome time. 

Purgatory 2014 from Desirous Party on Vimeo.

Jun 30, 2014 7:06 PM (9+ Years)

Q: What can ladies wear at the pool in reference to swimsuits?

A: tops and bottoms and not topless. So nipples covered but the tops can be small. Brazilian cut is okay for the bottoms and not the wet see thru that wicked weasel puts  out. So itsy bitsy is okay just make sure that the nipples and private areas are covered. Yes the water proof pasties are okay as well. Again just cover the nipples. 

Jun 27, 2014 5:59 AM (9+ Years)

Every year we get quite a few questions regarding what to wear, what not to wear, can we do this etc..........Which are all good questions. So we have learned as our guests have learned. But this is for all the new guests as it's our mission for everyone to have a epic time. 

 The hotel is bending over backwards to accommodate our group as they do not normally cater to such events as ours. In fact they normally turn down party events. But over the last few years they have realized what a classy upscale crowd DesirousParty.com attracts and management is looking forward to the upcoming Purgatory weekend.
Everyone will get a welcome letter upon checking into the hotel. On the letter we will have some do's and don'ts. We just ask everyone to basically use common sense (not being sarcastic) and remember that this is a corporate hotel and we will have to abide by their rules, city and state laws. Meaning no nudity in public places. What goes on behind closed doors is to your own level of fun. You cannot be topless in the pool, ballroom etc.. If you are roaming the halls please remember to cover up to some degree. The hotel understands what style of party this is, the theme etc...They know we are there to party and let our hair down so to speak over a great weekend of fun. They will be putting a coat check outside the ballroom for those not staying at the hotel. Pasties are acceptable as part of your attire  in the ballroom.  As is full body paint etc.. Only our group will be in the group block. So the hotel understands that the parties start early and go late. The hotel also understands risqué attire and that the group is here to have fun. Just please remember to cover up to some degree when in public places such as the elevators, lobby area, esplanades etc..Skimpy bathing suites are fine but please be covered over the nipples and lower genitalia. 
One last foot note is the after parties. We let everyone in the group blocks host their own after parties if they so desire. We bring to you four great events and we let you decide on your own after parties and your own level of fun. We have found that this works best as the guest can amp up his or her own late night fun. 

If anyone has any other questions do not hesitate to let us know. As we are here to keep everyone informed. 

May 6, 2014 6:02 PM (9+ Years)

Okay a few changes from previous years for the event timelines. Mainly both nights will be in the grand ballroom this year. Plus with two headliners this year. Friday night will be "Heaven" (all white glow) party with StoneBridge in the grand ballroom. Saturday night will be Purgatory, (angels, devils, nymphs, fairies, unicorns and anything that strikes your imagination). So no longer wondering if you should be good or evil. Be both this year. 

Reserved bottle tables for each night in the grand ballroom along with discounted pre sale drink tickets for all events  will be availalbe starting the first week of June. 

2pm- Hotel Check in Starts
3pm- Event VIP Wristband Pick Up- Pool Entrance
3pm-Midnight- Shackty's Pleasure Box Boutique Opens in Esplanade
4:30pm- Pool Entrance Opens w/ cash/drink ticket bars
5pm-10pm Nyx Pool Party
5pm-8pm- Dj TBA
8pm-10pm- Dj TBA
10pm-2am "Heavenly Glow" Grand Ballroom
9pm-1230am- H3Lium Dj's
1230am-2am- StoneBridge
2am-? Private (not hosted) After Parties start
1130am-Pool opens w/cash/drink ticket bars
Noon-9pm- Shackty's PleasureBox Boutique Opens in Esplanade
Noon- 6pm- Helios Pool Party
Noon-3pm- Dj O
3pm-4pm- H3Lium Dj's
4pm-6pm- headliner/ Lizzie Curious on stage
9pm- 2am Purgatory "Middle Earth" Party Grand Ballroom 
9pm-Midnight-Dj ShadowReD on stage
Midnight-2am- H3lium Djs on Stage
2am- ? Private (not hosted) After Parties start
Gentlemen you must have a date to attend these events.
You do not have to be a member of DesirousParty.com to attend Purgatory Heaven or Hell weekend. 
May 6, 2014 7:40 AM (9+ Years)

We get the questions asking what is Purgatory every year. This concept theme party weekend was brought to us 9 years ago by some good friends. The first year it was beyond crazy and attracted a audience from across the U.S. It definitely set the bar very high on that first year and put the Houston couples scene on the map. 

So what is Purgatory, Heaven or Hell party weekend? First and foremost we are not making a religious statement. We like to call Purgatory weekend a Summer Halloween style event. Pool parties and mixers amping up the energy leading into the main event, Purgatory, Heaven or Hell ball. Take the idea of the popular lingerie fashion show with angel or devil wings added in. Then think all things you might see in Purgatory such as unicorns, fairies, devils, angels in all states of dress or undress. It's a night of costumed erotica and nothing is to tame or to wild. 
Along with Halloween, Purgatory has become a signature event for DesirousParty.com. Couples from across the U.S. are already reserved at the DoubleTree. With many coming in a few days before the party. Every year we proclaim this is the best Dj lineup yet. Which causes us to go above and beyond the previous year as we continue to raise the bar. So this year we added two world renowned Dj's surrounded by world class Dj's who are on the rise in the music world. The party starts from the moment you set your bags down in your room. We are organizing 11 hours of parties the first day and 14 hours on the second day. Add in your own private after parties if you so desire. Then you have the ingredients for a epic weekend. So make plans to join the hottest couples from across the U.S. and Canada this July 2014 here in Houston for Purgatory, Heaven or Hell weekend. 

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