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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, 2022 What is Purgatory? New to DesirousParty.com? Please Read......

May 4, 2022 12:35 PM (9+ Months)

Yesterday we had a great walk thru meeting with the Doubletree hotel staff and also Aura Systems who builds out our stages and sound systems.

Over the last 4 months the hotel went thru a total outdoor courtyard landscape remodel. Giving it a brand new look for Purgatory. This now gives us the capability of a new stage. This year the stage will be 16ft wide and 8 feet tall. So everyone can see the artists performing. The hotel is finalizing the layout of the reserved sofa sections pool side and hopefully will have that ready later this week. 

For the inside stages and event areas we are mapping it out totally different this year. The atrium area this year will be utilized and will have a full Dirty Vibes immersion selfie area with 4 photo booths. With creative designs, neon art work, 360 photo booth, LED dance floor and more. Directly across the foyer we are buiding out a new stage design in the lounge area. The late night after party stage will move to this area for Purgatory 2022. We will have a cool lounge vibe with lighting along with a full dance light show on a raised stage as well. A new center point for the late night crowd for photos, dancing, bar area and late night food as well. 

We are going to flip the design of the Dirty Vibes ballroom this year. Going to give it a groovy space glow feel. We have purchased the latest new UV lighting that will illuminate the room better as well as adding lasers, new sound system for that deep base vibe. Christi our in house interior decorator will come in nightly and give it a new design as well. The music vibe of this room will change according to the music vibe of the grand ballroom. As our goal is to give the guests reason to move from stage to stage throughout the event. Great chance to meet more people and experience all of the 16 plus dj's booked this year. 

Purgatory Grand Ballroom is the area we are most excited about. If you attended NYE this past year then you are familiar with the stage design. However we are going bigger and amping it up. Bringing in Co2 cannons, brand new laser show by Coherent Designs, new light show by Aura Systems and a full room light show experience as well. Of course our own super talented Christi will be decorating everything nightly with a different look and feel. 

Lastly is our new Speakeasy Purgatory bar. At the end of the foyer we will have Hangar Boutique along with a second vendor set up for your shopping expereince. To the left of the vendors and down the secondary foyer, you will find a new bar. We did this at Halloween and it was a huge success. For Purgatory it will be a special bar with craft cocktails and a area that you can escape to for a quieter conversation but still feel the music. It will have a hip vibe, lounge seating and a change of tempo from the other bars. 

So just a few hints at whats to come. But as you can tell we are super excited about this year. Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about Purgatory 2022. 

Jan 8, 2022 4:04 PM (1+ Years)

Purgatory 2022 Host hotel update. Hard to believe this early. But we only have 157 rooms left at the host hotel before its sold out. Last 4 years have sold out. So do no wait until the last days. Over 1200 people attended last year and we are mapping out for a even large crowd in 2022.

  1. To book main host hotel. You must put a 1 night deposit down and you must book Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

  2. Event starts on Wednesday night and you may book all 4 main nights as well as come in earlier and stay over past Saturday night. But those 3 listed nights must be booked in order to reserve the DoubleTree.

  3. Sheraton N. Houston hotel is our over flow hotel with a shuttle service between the hotels offered. Two or less nights may be booked at the Sheraton. Suites are also offered in the group block of rooms. We anticipate to have 4 floors reserved for our group at the Sheraton.

  4. Booking links may be found on either DesirousParty.com and or DirtyVibes.com Each site has a special 2021 highlite Purgatory video in the event section. One is a daytime video and the other is a a night time video. Definitely gives you a feel for the event and the people whom attend.

Jan 4, 2022 11:42 AM (1+ Years)

Please Read......New to the events? Purgatory is hosted by DesirousParty.com and DirtyVibes.com  What is DesirousParty.com?  Since the site was created in 2004 this has been our site and groups description. Our calling card if you will.

"We strive for the elite couples crowd from across the United States. Who stands out in the crowd and whom goes the extra mile to dress sharp, take care of their appearance and who might not be gym gods and goddesses but strive to look and be their best. The site/group was built with quality over quantity in mind as our events are not catered to nor for everyone. We cater to all walks of the lifestyle from the new and curious to the experienced.

New guests we highly suggest you watch prior Purgatory party videos posted on DesirousParty.com so you can get the vibe. Ladies always come first at all Dp events and themes are created with the female in mind. Dj's spin music to move those sexy bodies and our dj's spin all genres of music in different event areas. Oh and no, they do not take requests!. The dj's goal is to keep people mixing, mingling and dancing but they are not a jukebox. So check the event out, look at the crowd and see if Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, weekend is the place to be for you. Our best marketing is members/guests seeking out others who they feel belong at Purgatory or another DesirousParty.com event and we thank you

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