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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, 2019 What is Purgatory? New to DesirousParty.com? Please Read

Jan 20, 2019 4:49 PM (5+ Years)

Please Read......New to the events? Purgatory is hosted by DesirousParty.com. What is DesirousParty.com? Since the DesirousParty.com site was created in 2004 this has been our site and groups description. Our calling card if you will. "We strive for the elite couples crowd from across the United States. Who stands out in the crowd and whom goes the extra mile to dress sharp, take care of their appearance and who might not be gym gods and goddesses but strive to look and be their best. The site/group was built with quality over quantity in mind as our events are not catered to nor for everyone. We cater to all walks of the lifestyle from the new and curious to the experienced. New guests we highly suggest you watch prior Purgatory party videos posted on DesirousParty.com so you can get the vibe. Ladies always come first at all Dp events and themes are created with the female in mind. Dj's spin music to move those sexy bodies and our dj's spin all genres of music in different event areas. Oh and no, they do not take requests!. The dj's goal is to keep people mixing, mingling and dancing but they are not a jukebox. So check the event out, look at the crowd and see if Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, weekend is the place to be for you. Our best marketing is members/guests seeking out others who they feel belong at Purgatory or another DesirousParty.com event and we thank you

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