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Halloween Erotica Ball- 20th Annual Welcome Letter for Halloween Erotica Ball

Oct 20, 2023 10:49 AM (7+ Months)

20th Annual Halloween Erotica Ball

Your hosts with DesirousParty® and DirtyVibes® would like to welcome you and say thank you for joining us at the Doubletree IAH for the two-night Halloween Erotica Ball weekend.  You may purchase and or pick up your event wristbands at the check-in desk located in the lobby.  Wristbands must be worn all weekend so please do not remove them.

You must have a drink ticket to purchase drinks at the bars in the event areas. You may pay by cash, c.c. or charge to your room. Drink ticket cashiers are centralized throughout the event areas.  

***No drinks of any sort can be brought into event areas. You may leave the event areas (black curtains) with a drink but it must be empty to return. Even if you bought it at the event bar. As there is no way for security to keep up with so many people on who had what. No backpacks, bags, etc in event areas unless checked by Security.

  •  Sensual Expressions (Bri-tape artist) will be set up in the meeting area directly across from the Lounge on Friday and Saturday.
  • Massage Therapy by Keva will be set up in the Grand Foyer- see timeline itinerary.

 Please Note: Ladies, for the night events we realize risqué is the theme. Pasties only are okay as well as skimpy attire. We will have a coat check set up outside the event entrance area for those not staying at the host hotel. Due to state TABC laws and the City of Houston, you may not be topless in the event areas. Pasties are ok. So itsy bitsy is fine but please keep all appropriate areas covered while in public, as well as when roaming the halls, elevators, etc.. Please be courteous to hotel staff and be properly clothed. However, what you wear or do not wear behind closed doors is for your own enjoyment.

Once again your hosts thank you for joining us at what has become one of the largest lifestyle Halloween hotel takeover events in the nation. A nationwide event for the upscale, sophisticated, and sexy to meet in Houston for a weekend of fun.  If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to assist you. Now let's make some incredible memories this weekend and welcome to Houston.



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