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Jan 9, 2009 6:55 PM (14+ Years)
Mailing list of 11,000 couples sounds good, but this to me is a physical mailing list.  Meaning if you want to market to them you have to do bulk mailing via USPS ( not cheap ).  If they had a mailing list of 11,000 emails that wouldn't even matter.  As without a mail server in good standing with AOL, Yahoo, and MSN. Most of these emails would get blocked, making them worthless.

The fact that they are selling tells me they ( like so many ) are not doing very well.  And they are trying to sell it while there are still people in the lifestyle who don't know any better.   Sure there might be some quick money at the start if you do things right, but in the end its not sustainable.  At least not in this economy.  The only clubs I know of that are doing great are the dive bars ( like saint danes place in midtown ).  Even though the status of going out to a nice venue to see and be seen, and then pay $500 for bottle service, might sound great.  The fact is people have decided that its cheaper to just stay at home and invite a few friends over, and share the same Premium bottle ( that only costs $50 at specs ).

Something I can see happending in Houston is more clubs lowering their drink prices, to try to lure more people out.  As the only clubs making money right now are the Dive bars where the drinks and food are cheap.

Jan 8, 2009 11:55 PM (14+ Years)
It seems as if you are only buying the name and mailing list. Unless I missed something. I dont see how you are getting the building, lease etc... for that price. I guress you can put one more chalk on the board for another L.S. club that did not make it.

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