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18th annual Halloween Erotica Ball Updates for the Halloween Erotica Ball 2021

Oct 26, 2021 11:38 AM (1+ Months)

For this weekends pool party. We are putting the dj stage basically on top of the pool. Stage will be behind the hottub. Temps will be in the mid 70s and sunny. Changing it up from the previous layouts from Purgatory and last years Halloween party.

Inside in the grand ballroom we are designing a brand new light show. Trying to give the crowd a immersion feel into the light show. Instead of walking toward the stage and toward the effects. It will start as you walk into the Grand Ballroom. Nothing to trippie but the show will give it a all around you feel as you walk further into the room.

The Dirty Vibes Ballroom will also have a different feel to it as well. A new dj stage, new design to the trussing, heavy on UV lighting, laser, fazer and more heavy deep bass than normal. Plus a few other effects. A area you can immerse yourself into without the ear bleeds of loud music, while the dj's spin those dirty beats.

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