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Wild on Spring Break 2008 at Desire Resort, Cancun Trip Date Clarification Needed

Jan 13, 2008 7:58 PM (15+ Years)
The group will be arriving on Monday, March 10th and will be departing, Sunday, March 16th. On the departure date you will have to be checked out of your room by noon. However if you have a later flight in the day you may remain on the resort and they will let you know what time to return to the front desk for your bus. But you will not be charged for a Sunday night stay. The same goes for the July trip.
Another note is that some of our group will be arriving earlier than the 10th and some will be staying past the 16th. Angie can help you with any travel needs and she will let you know exactly what nights you are being charged for, plus any extra days you wish to extend. If I made it more confusing just let me know as I have a tendency to do that at times.

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