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Dirty Vibes Music Fest Theme Nights for Dirty Vibes at Desire Pearl 2018

May 16, 2018 7:31 PM (4+ Years)

And here is your 5th theme night for Dirty Vibe Music Fest. 

Bling the Fuck Out!

Mar 14, 2018 12:24 PM (5+ Years)

4th Theme Night- A.B.C.- Anything But Clothes- perfect theme for body paint, black/white tape project etc..... let the mind fun wild with this one. 

Feb 6, 2018 10:03 AM (5+ Years)

 3rd theme night-

Electric Dreams- rave, neon


Please note that all of these themes are not in date order right now. As we organize with the resort on the itinerary we will move the themes into the date order. 

Jan 25, 2018 11:39 AM (5+ Years)

2nd theme night for Dirty Vibes

2. Whips and Kisses- Leather, Lace, Lingerie, Fetish

Jan 14, 2018 11:33 AM (5+ Years)

We are going to roll out our theme nights well in advance this year in a teasing fashion. One per week over the next five weeks. These are not in date order as still working on timeline and itinerary with the resort. We will contine to go back to this thread and add each week until they are complete. Feel free to post your comments, ideas, questions etc... on themes in this thread. 

  • 1. Dirty Disco- Boogie Nights- i.e. Rockstars, Pornstars, Movie Stars- get creative and bring out you inner vibe


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