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2nd Annual "Wild On" Desire Resort, Los Cabos Group Trip Theme Nights for Desire Los Cabos

May 21, 2008 12:29 PM (16+ Years)
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Any theme night decided? looking forward to shopping for our TRIP! xoxo J
Are you ready? Here are the theme nights for the group trip to Desire Resort Los Cabos.

Friday Night- The Three L's- Leather, Latex or Lingerie

Saturday Night- Naughty School Girl-a DP tradition while on vacation.

Sunday Night- Wicked White Desirous-all white attire

Monday Night-Diva Desirous-the image that makes you stand out with attitude and personality! Wear what makes you feel HOT!

Tuesday Night-B.A. Desirous-A little bad girl style! skeleton-bedecked styles, i.e....Rhinestone skull and cross-bone bracelets, hats and clothing are all the rage and put a fashion spin on the bad girl image. Affliction, Ed Hardy, Roar, Monarchy, Rebel Spirit, to name just a few.
Apr 13, 2008 11:10 AM (16+ Years)
We will be posting the theme nights for the summer trip to Desire Los Cabos in a few days. If anyone has any ideas, feedback etc.... on theme nights that they would like to see just post it here. We have some great new ideas and want to give everyone time to shop for their attire.

With that being said we are also getting ready to make another batch of the HOT Pink DP coozies and will be breaking them out on this group trip. Oh and if there are any guys who dont want a pink coozie. We are also going to be making another batch of the DP purple coozies as well. So your DP hosts will be packing a suitcase full of goodies for this trip.

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