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Casino Royale- New Years Eve 2017 The Locker House Returns for New Years Eve

Dec 15, 2016 9:30 PM (6+ Years)

The Locker House returns for our NYE event. Many will remember that they were at the Halloween Erotica Ball this year and provided a great service that made th ladies happy as their husbands did not have to keep track of their purses etc...

Ladies we have a addition that many of you who like to bring bags for clothing changes etc... will like. We have contracted with the The Locker House which is a mobile locker trailer that will be parked just outside the main entrance of the club. It has 602 lockers that range in cost from $3 to $20 depending on size. You can lock up your coats, purses, extra costumes etc... Multiple people can share a locker and there is also a lighted changing area as well. The company will have staff on hand to assist you and its bonded/insured. It is a one time cost meaning you have the key and you can use the locker all night and make repeated trips. So you no longer have to stash your bags/purses in the club worrying about if someone will mess with them.

To Reserve your locker ahead of time. Please click the below link. Our event is found at the bottom o their page. 

Locker Reservations


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