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Oct 2, 2013 5:18 PM (10+ Years)

The club has agreed to give all guests $5 u call it until 1030pm for the October 12th event. So another cool reason to come out early, meet some new faces and mix n mingle. 

Oct 1, 2013 5:58 PM (10+ Years)

And we finally have the group block reservation link now available for the Oct. 12th party. Just click on the flier and click on the hotel reservation link. 

Sep 25, 2013 3:47 PM (10+ Years)

Just a updated post. We are working on several new features to the site and also making tweaks to current features. I listed those in another forum post over the last week. So we will or postponeing launching the new paid site until the week after our Halloween party. 

We will still have the no cover charge party for good standing members. Which simply means have a active and non pending profile on the site. Make sure to rsvp for the party and just tell our door staff your member profile name and pay no cover. If not a member have no worries. As all couples and single females are welcome and the cover charge is $30/couple. 

Paul, web designer, will still be at the event answering any questions and helping to show you all the site features. If you have any questions please post them to this forum post and we will do our best to answer them. 

Sep 16, 2013 2:24 PM (10+ Years)

With the launch of the new site  we realize that alot of people have questions and suggestions about the site. So we will be bringing out Paul, Dp Web Designer, to the event. We will have computers set up at the party so that he can log into the site with you to help you navigate the site, show you cool features that you may not have seen yet and take suggestions as well. We want to ensure that the site is easy to navigate for all the members as well as listen to any feedback.

Paul will be at the event from 930pm to 1130pm and stay longer if necessary to ensure everyone who has questions or suggestions has had their chance.  

Sep 14, 2013 5:45 PM (10+ Years)
The new site is now about two weeks old. This site was created from scratch and not the typical cookie cutter box formats that many sites nowadays use. It was nearly two years in creation. We built this site with the uber sexy Dp member in mind. Lots of member interaction, hottest photos section, rate photos, choose whom you wish to follow, allow access to your privates etc... We are not near complete as we wished to launch, get feedback and continue to bring more features based on that feedback. Which we have done and continue to do.
Lots of questions in regards to whether Dp will go to a paid site. The answer is simply yes. For 9 years we have been a free site and basically outgrew our format. So over the last few years we added a bucket list of ideas that we wanted to bring forth. It takes a great deal of money to bring a site such as this to fruitation and to keep it running with hosting, maintenance, new coding etc... But we also do not want to lose our uniqueness and become one of those sites. Meaning we will remain couples and single females only. We will continue to require photo approvals, rated PG master public profile photos, classy formats and a hands on approach to all Dp sanctioned events. 
We also do not desire to become one of those sites. Meaning for what it costs two people to grab coffee at Starbucks, grab two beers at the bar or grab two cheat meals at McDonalds is what the monthly cost of the site will be. We want it to be affordable. We will also be launching a limited number of 100 lifetime memberships, yearly, quarterly and of course monthly for those who want to check out the site before committing long term.  We are sure that some will get upset. But this site has always been a cut above the rest as have the events. So the new site is and will continue to be nothing but the same and even more.  Some members have expressed a relief that we are going to a paid site with couples and single females only. As they felt that only the serious would remain and bring even a higher quality effect to the site. Meaning that if there are any fake profiles on the site these would be eliminated. Which is why we now require three photos to be submitted for a profile approval. In the past it was only one. We also do not allow any watermarks on photos except your profile name. So three steps to eliminate fake profiles. 
Our plan is to host 2-3 no cover member events throughout the year. October 12th will be the first such event. We will go to a paid site the first week in October. Giving everyone a chance to get used to the new site and as we continue to bring some new additions to the site. We also have a nice bucket list of ideas to bring to the new DesirousParty.com site and will continue to bring these to fruitation over the next several months. 
We will also be allowing brick n mortan L.S. clubs to join the site. Those events that they host will appear in the party page at the top of the menu bar. Only officially sanctioned Dp events will appear on the main page. Members will decide whether to follow these clubs. If you choose not to follow them,  then you will not see their updates on your newsfeed. However again you will be able to see their events on the party page. 
So again welcome to the new DesirousParty.com site. 

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