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Houston New Years Eve Parties 2019 Thank You For a Fabulous NYE Weekend 2019

Jan 2, 2019 11:59 AM (5+ Months)

Your DesirousParty.com hosts and staff wishes to thank each and every one of you who attended the Eve of Eve, NYE 2019 events. This was our first total New Years Eve hotel event since 2009. The hotel sold out in advance with over 190 rooms in our group blocks. It made for a great experience on NYE with lots of mixing, mingling, pre parties, exceptional themed parties in the ballrooms and of course the after parties. 

Our photo booths and backdrop were a huge hit so that our guests could capture their experience with each other and friends. So much went into producing this event so it takes a great crew of staff and host couples to make it all happen. But above all else it takes the Dp party guests to help us to promote it to other couples who fit the vibe. As a Dp event expererience is created for the party guests who stands out in the crowd. Whom goes the exra mile to dress sharp, take care of their appearance and who might not be gym gods and goddesses but strive to look and be their best. Thats what makes a Dp party experience that much more exceptional. We heard over and over all weekend how gorgeous the crowd was. Couples who had not attended an event in a few years were left amazed. So thank you for spreading the word. 

In no particular order I owe some people a huge thanks. If I leave someone out I apologize as there is so many people behind the scenes. Thanks to Dj Omaar who is my resident dj, and runs my sound/light crew, Jen and Alex who host the Craziers FB group, ShutterShock Photgraphy who also are one of my hosts couples, plus all my host couples who go out of their way to meet n greet. Dj's ScottyBoy and Moe Green who both headlined at Purgatory 2018 and did a great job on NYE 2019. Plus the various FB groups, Risque, Twisted Style and more who continue to help spread the word about DesirousParty.com. 

Happy New Year. 


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