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Wicked Eden- Dirty Vibes Temptation Tower Takeover Temptation Resort Virus Protocols

Aug 10, 2020 8:40 AM (2+ Months)

Lots of emails and texts on what it is like in Cancun and at Temptation. First and foremost very impressed. Here is a short list of safety checks.
1. Wear masks in airports in U.S. and Cancun as well as on plane.
2. Your luggage is sanitized on the outside upon meeting your handler for the driver at Cancun airport. Your hands are also sanitized.
3. Meet driver and hands are again sanitized.
4. Wear masks in van on way to resort.
5. Hands and shoes are sanitized at entrance to resort when greeted by bag boys. Your bags are again sanitized on the outside. Your temperature is also checked.
6. Fill out a health questionnaire before check in.
7. All staff is wearing masks. After checking in it is your choice/decision when or if you wear a mask. It is your safety decision so you are in charge of that. 
8. Staff is constantly sanitizing anything and everything. 

Motto for the Temptation is Sexy and Sanitized. 

NOTE: from arrival at resort to walking away from front desk checking in was a max of 15 minutes.

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