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TRYST - Temptation Tower Takeover- by Dirty Vibes TRYST CoronaVirus Update

Mar 20, 2020 6:41 PM (10+ Months)


Attention TRYST Attendee’s,


I wanted to reach out to everyone regarding the event. Us here at Dirty Vibes and Right Connections wanted to reach out and touch base on a few things regarding the event and what’s going on regarding Travel. TRYST By Dirty Vibes event is still going on at this moment. At this time with direct communication with the resort we do not see a threat right now as the event is still a distance out. However as this is a fluid issue, things can change at any time. We have put much time into this event and has turned out to be one of the biggest TRYST events yet. We want to thank you all that have stood by and are being patient as we are going through the motions of this unpredictable event. Temptation recently received the highest award and certification for cleanliness and sanitization that is set forth by the government with stringent requirements. Temptation is making all steps to be prepared with a healthy environment by their staff.

As the resort is the ultimate decision regarding what is going to happen with this event, as the safety and health concerns are the most important things for their guest. We are bound to their contract, cancellation policies, and other terms and agreements. Which have bounded us to keep the event as it was. With that being said for those that chose they feel like they still do not want to attend, the resort has offered us for the next 72 hours to offer each client to be able to move there reservation in full with no penalty to the similar events in October Called “Wicked Eden” October 20-25, 2020. With this the full credit of your reservation has to be used. We are currently seeing if we can also offer a transfer to the 2021 “TRYST” event as another option.

As we monitor everything the rest of the week, we will be having a meeting with the resort on how the event with proceed forward. So if you want to be patient with us and wait till Tuesday March 24 th , 2020 to hear a further announcement we would appreciate. As this is strong supportive group, we want to make sure you get the full experience that you paid for. We want to inform you that we have not had that many cancellations or transfers, and still running around 95 that were previously booked, with bookings still coming in believe it or not. Please stay tuned for further updates and feel free to reach out to David, Don, or Alex & Jen at anytime.


Thank you again from the Staff Of Dirty Vibes, and Right Connections Travel


Mar 24, 2020 12:44 AM (10+ Months)


TRYST April 2020- By Dirty Vibes Update:

Temptation Resort


After Meeting with the Resort today, the event is still playing out as planned. There is daily hurdles that we are running into here and there, so the situation is still very fluid. As much as we want this event to be as big as we planned, we still understand peoples concerns with what all of us have been facing lately. So with the resorts permission we have come up with some options for those that are interested in moving their reservation. As mention before, the option to move to the same event but in October called Wicked Eden, October 20-25, 2020 for no fee. The full credit of your reservation must be used for this event. The benefit of this move is the rates that we negotiated for this event are slightly cheaper. So with your credit you should be able to add a extra day, or upgrade your room at minimal to no expense from your credit. Which is a huge bonus! Next option you have, is to move your reservation to the April 2021 TRYST event at no fee with the same rates that you have this year. As every year the rates go up at the resort. For those that are booked in April 2020 and chose to move to April 2021, we are also going to for a limited time throw in a one extra night either before or after the event for free. This will end March 28 th ,2020.

Now these options are available but does not mean that you have to move at this point. The only advantage I see that you have for moving at this point is to lock in the lower rates, secure the best rooms, and not be left out because of a sell-out. I can tell you that Wicked Eden event is filling up fast. The April 2021 is just being announced as of today. Will not be online until March 28 th ,2020 for others to book.

As the Dirty Vibes Staff look forward to seeing you in April, please feel free at anytime to reach out to any of us for any concerns or questions. Most of all stay safe, and we will see all you sexy people shortly!


Dirty Vibes

855-337-4768 sales@rightconnectionstravel.com

Mar 27, 2020 10:17 PM (9+ Months)


All TRYST attendees, I regret to inform you that the April TRYST 2020 Event April 28 – May 3 rd , 2020 has been postponed. We have received information today after a meeting with the Resort. This is due to the Mexican Government shutting the resort down for the next 30-45 days. We are very disappointed by the news as we were looking forward to having this event with you all. With this news I give you these options starting tomorrow 3/28/2020. Everyone will receive a full credit to use for a future reservation. We have some great events coming up like Wicked Eden October 20-25, 2020. The event is the same as TRYST but with a sexy Halloween twist to it. We are proud to announce these DJ’s for the Wicked Eden Lineup. Well known DJ Scotty Boy coming out of Los Angeles, as well Jason Whitmore Saxophonist coming from San Diego Ca, DJ Mike Drop from Houston , DJ Drop Cap from Dallas TX, coming from Sin City

Las Vegas DJ Kyd Wicked. Then to top it off we have the talented Lizzie Curious coming all the way from the UK! This event is the same Tower Takeover, but with cheaper rates that was negotiated for this transfer. That means you can add more exciting days or extras as the full credit will need to be used.

The next option is the April 2021 TRYST event April 27- May 2 nd , 2021. We will be honoring the same rates as you paid this year if you transfer, as the resort raises the prices every year. Great time to lock in those nice rooms, as we all know they will fill up fast. This will only be a full credit option towards a new reservation. If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to Don or David directly, and we will be happy to assist you. On a separate note, please be patient with us as this is a busy and tough time due to everything that is going on. We are doing are best to help everyone quickly and to the fullest that we can. Again thank you for all your support.

Best Regards, Dirty Vibes Staff

855-337-4768 www.dirtyvibes.com

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