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NYE F.L.F. Ball at The Ritz Synopsis of the NYE Ball at The Ritz/Hotel Block

Dec 31, 2007 12:25 PM (15+ Years)
The NYE pre-sale ticket purchase ended at midnight last night. This is by far our largest NYE party to date. As over 120 couples bought pre-sale tickets. Members of DesirousParty did another walk thru of the club last night and we are ready for the largest DesirousParty NYE event to date. We will have extra door staff to get all of our VIP pre-sale guests into the party quickly. The club will also have two lovely ladies for those paying at the door. Thus we get everyone into the club quickly. Just a reminder that there is ample seating on both levels at the club. Any waitress or staff member can direct you to the second level. With such a huge crowd the dinner buffet will be extended until at least 10pm. Everyone who so wishes will have a chance to eat. Plus dont forget the midnight breakfast buffet that is by far the most requested.
So once again. Thank you from all of us at DesirousParty.com and lets get ready to bring in the New Year in DP Style!!

Dec 30, 2007 12:45 PM (15+ Years)

DesirousParty's NYE F.L.F. Ball w/DJ Cinful

The NYE party starts off tonight, December 30th, at Pendulum South for the Melting Point meet n greet. We have a large group of couples who are traveling in from across the U.S. for this party. Tonight will be a great intimate venue to mix n mingle. Doors open at 9pm and cover is only $15 a couple and single females are free.

On NYE, December 31st, the party starts off early at the host hotel. Check in is at 3pm. Over 80 rooms reserved in the group block and 100 couples have purchased advanced tickets for this event. The party starts in the group blocked floors. Mixing, mingling, room hopping and starting to pour those beverages.

Then from 5pm-7pm we will be at the hotel bar for the NYE meet n greet with $2 drafts for our group. The hotel restaurant will also be open.

At around 7:30ish the first Limo will be at the host hotel to take you to the club. By 8pm the second Limo will be at the hotel. The NYE dinner will be served until around 10pm. Upon entering the club those that have purchased tickets will be on a pre-pay VIP list. If you did not purchase your tickets in advance, no worries. Because we will have two lovely ladies who will get you into the club quickly also. You will then get your party favors and be able to choose where you wish to sit for this party. There will be seating on both party floors.

At 8pm, DP's DJ Chris will crank off the party with his high energy mixes. However at 9pm a special NYE music intro will start and Ladies you better get ready for this one. Because we are going to put you on the dance floor, dance stages, cage, poles etc... Because DJ Chris is not going to take any prisoners as all of you are going to be exhausted by the time that DJ Cinful takes the stage at 11pm. She will be spinning while the balloons cascade down around her at midnight and then just contine to amp up the energy.

Then we are off back to the host hotel via Limo's and then the party continues there to your own desire. Just don't look for your DesirousPart hosts. As we will be completely exhausted and passed out in a corner somewhere with big smiles on our faces for another great NYE party that was brought to you once again.  

So in closing. Get your rest, take your vitamins, pop the advil and get ready to party on NYE, DesirousParty style!!

Dec 28, 2007 1:09 PM (15+ Years)
Just got off the phone with the host hotel. I am sure that most of you have noticed the increased traffic on the site and the rsvps rolling in. Thus we have surpassed our 80 room block with guests coming in on Saturday and staying thru Tuesday nights. The hotel has added another 20 rooms to our group block giving us 100 rooms total. All our group rooms will be on the same floors. Once these last twenty rooms are gone we will be sold out.
Also when you check into your room at the hotel you will be given a meet n greet letter with all the pertinent information regarding NYE. The NYE party weekend starts on at Pendulum South with the Melting Point meet n greet and we will roll right into NYE with activities NYE day and into the night. So get ready and DesirousParty wants to say thanks in advance for what is once again a NYE to remember.
Dec 26, 2007 3:25 PM (15+ Years)
Here is the latest and greatest. We are currently at 68 rooms. Which leaves us with 12 rooms in our guaranteed room block. After that the hotel will be trying to add more rooms and get everyone on the same floors. However the first 80 rooms will be on the same party floors. We are asking for a additional fourth party floor and depending how fast these last 12 rooms go will be the answer. Either way every DP hotel guests will have access to the Limos, access to the party block floors, meet n greets etc......

Plus just reminder that there will also be a meet n greet at the hotel bar on NYE from 5pm-7pm. The hotel is giving us $2 drafts so its a great way to mix n mingle and start NYE off early.
Dec 26, 2007 10:29 AM (15+ Years)
There is four days left until the Dec. 30th advanced ticket special deadline. Plus this is also the date for the Melting Point meet n greet at Pendulum South. If you have not checked out a review of this club yet. You can do so by going to the nightclubs section at the top of the tool bar.
Dec 22, 2007 5:41 PM (15+ Years)

Most of our DesirousParty guests are keeping up to date with the forum here on the DP site. However its getting extremely hard to keep the other forum topics updated & readable on the other websites due to all the other promo and club groups putting out alot of blah, blah, blah. Some of you are saying who cares as you come here for the the latest and greatest on DP. But a lot of new people come out for NYE and are easily confused and baffled by all the bologna being thrown at them. lol

The simple fact is that DesirousParty is one of two groups who have been hosting NYE parties in Houston over the last 7 years. Everyone tries to fool the guests stating that the hotels are sold out and club reservations are over 300 people a week before the party. Which goes back to the blah, blah, blah.

All the NYE parties are going to be great. Because its awesome to party with a group of open minded people bringing in the new year together. But facts are facts and to some it may not matter. But DesirousParty year after year pulls a very erotic and sexy group together from all over Houston, Texas and the U.S. Just check out the past party photos. Others say it we show it. Because we do what we do and we do it well because of you.

We bring to our party guests a list of amenities that no other club or group brings to you. Snack trays and finger food is really cool. But DesirousParty caters to a very upscale crowd who want a little more. Who else is bringing to you a full course seafood and primerib buffet with a dessert bar. Then after midnight we are bringing to you a full course breakfust buffet. Plus a huge balloon drop in  a 18,000sq. ft club that caters to the DesirousParty crowd.  The energy at the DP NYE parties is intense with all the sexy bodies.

Oh and then we are bringing to you the #1 Lifestyle DJ in the world. DJ Cinful spins at the Playboy mansion, several Lifestyle conventions in Las Vegas, the AVN awards and not to mention the top night clubs in Las Vegas as well. Its a going to be a night to remember and this is not even talking about the after parties back at the host hotel.

Again we ask who else is bringing this to you other than DesirousParty. So if you thought that the sexy bodies at Purgatory and Halloween were awesome. Then you have not seen anything yet. NYE is going to blow you away.

So in closing if you like to look at hairy butt cracks coming out of the VIP hottub rooms. Then the DP NYE party probably wont be for you. As we like to keep that atmosphere behind closed doors at the after parties at the host hotel. DesirousParty strives to bring a glitz, glamour and upscale NYE party to you with all the amenities and just a hint of erotism to keep you coming back for more. Our group appreciates that which is why the whose who hang with DP.

So you have 8 more days to purchase your advanced tickets for what is the best NYE value out there. Your NYE party admittance, both your meals, party favors and DJ Cinful on the main stage at 11pm mixing her HOT sounds as the balloons cascade down around her at midnight. One very erotic night!!

Dec 19, 2007 11:35 PM (15+ Years)
Members of the DesirousParty group just came back from The Ritz. We did a walk through, laid out where all the bars will be at and most importantly. We set up the main stage area where DJ Cinful will be playing. There will be a large dance floor put down right in front of the dance stage where DJ Cinful will be spinning. We will also have a camera trained on her so that her image will be broadcast to all the big screens in the club. So no matter where you are sitting you will be able to catch this high energy artist. Not only is she erotically sexy she is also very talented and puts on a show that you do not want to miss.
We are planning on DJ Cinful to take the stage around 11pm. DP's DJ Chris will start his mixes at 8pm and play for about three hours. Plus he will bringing to you a special intro at around 9pm that will set the tone for the rest of the evening. If you thought his intro at Purgatory was awesome. Just get ready.

Now for the most asked question that we are getting in the emails. The first Limo will be at the host hotel at 7:45pm. The second Limo will be there at 8pm. Plus dont forget the meet n greet on NYE at the hotel bar from 5pm-7pm. There will be a drink special of $2 drafts for the group.

Oh and dont forget the Pre-NYE Melting Point meet n greet on December 30th at Pendulum South.

This will be the largest NYE party that DesirousParty has brought to you to date. So make your plans as DJ Cinful will make this a NYE to remember.
Dec 19, 2007 10:35 AM (15+ Years)
We are so excited that Cinful is going to be here.  We absolutely love her!  Not only is she HOT!  But her music is HOT as well.  This is sure to be one of the hottest DP parties :)
Dec 18, 2007 1:34 AM (15+ Years)
DesirousParty has been promising you a NYE event like none other. We are proud to announce that DJ Cinful-Denver-Playboy Mansion and International DJ/Artist/Producer will be spnning her HOT sounds for the NYE F.L.F. Ball.
The night will start with DP's DJ Chris and DJ Cinful will follow and be behind the mike before the midnight countdown. We encourage you to check out her sites at DJCinful.com and also Myspace.com/DJCinful. She spins all over the world including events at the Playboy Mansion, Las Vegas and Denver.
 DesirousParty has always hosted a incredible NYE event year after year. From the sexy guests to the high fashion themes. This year will raise the bar with the three HOT themes and now with DJ Cinful starting off 2008 with a bang. The F.L.F. Ball will be a NYE party like none other.
You may still purchase your advanced tickets for $95/couple and $15/ single females. All NYE amenities are included in your ticket price.
We also enrourage you to reserve your rooms in the hotel block as the rooms will definitely sell out before the NYE party with this new announcement. Rooms are still $79 and include Limo transportation to and from the party.
Dec 13, 2007 6:11 PM (15+ Years)
Here is the latest update regarding NYE. The Melting Point Pre-NYE party graphic is now on the front page. The party will be held at Pendulum South which is only minutes away from the hotel and the Ritz. If you have not been to Pendulum South be sure to click on the "nightclubs" section to get a over view. There is a huge out of town crowd coming in for the DP NYE party and this will be a great intimate venue to mix n mingle.

The hotel is currently at 50 reservations which is way ahead of where we were at for the recent Halloween party at this period from the party date. It is highly suggested to not wait until the week of to make your hotel reservations as there are no guarantees on room availability.

We are also proud to have Ciroc Vodka on being the exclusive bottle service for the vodka brands. It  is a very smooth high end Vodka which perfectly emulates the DP crowd.

We are also currently working on some more additions to NYE and we want to say thanks way in advance for what is shaping up to being another classic DP NYE that is done in style yet also splashed with just a hint of erotic. Although this  year with the themes it may be a huge splash of erotic which is always a very good thing.
Dec 6, 2007 5:48 PM (15+ Years)
We have been getting this question quite a bit. You do not have to be a member of DesirousParty to attend the NYE party and or the hotel group block. You just have to be a member to be able to rsvp on the site. However the couples you see on the rsvp list are only a small portion of who will actually be there. It just gives a feel for the type of crowd and the energy of the party.

Here is your first group Hotel block update. We are currently at 40 rooms reserved so w are now working on the 2nd floor. Between three websites we are over 80 rsvps for NYE. So this is definitely going to be the largest DP NYE party to date. Halloween was a definite precursor and everyone remembers how incredibly sexy that crowd was. Add in these F.L.F. theme and you just better get ready as the party is going to start very early at the hotel this year. So spread the word as this will be the only party in Houston with this type of theme atmosphere.

Nov 29, 2007 10:39 AM (15+ Years)
The pre-sale tickets are starting to roll in now. We currently have 45 rsvps as this is way ahead of last year. Plus a vast majority of the couples who are buying advanced tickets are from out of town (state). So expect a huge hotel block again this year. With so many hot couples rolling in from all over the U.S. and the themes for this years Ball. The NYE F.L.F. Ball is going to be a night like none other.  
In Reply to...
Just a reminder that you have until November 30th to purchase discounted tickets to the NYE F.L.F. Ball for $65/couple, $15/ single female. After  November 30th the price will be $95 a couples until the day of the event.  Regardless of the price all amenities will be available for all NYE party guests. The hotel  cutoff date is set for December 14th.
For a great look at what the club looks like. Check out the first group of pics for Halloween 2007.
Nov 28, 2007 12:27 AM (15+ Years)
Just a reminder that you have until November 30th to purchase discounted tickets to the NYE F.L.F. Ball for $65/couple, $15/ single female. After  November 30th the price will be $95 a couples until the day of the event.  Regardless of the price all amenities will be available for all NYE party guests. The hotel  cutoff date is set for December 14th.
For a great look at what the club looks like. Check out the first group of pics for Halloween 2007.
Nov 21, 2007 10:24 AM (15+ Years)

NYE Party Amenities:

  •  Two party levels-entire club
  •   Two dance floors, three raised dance stages, dance poles and dance cage
  •  Multi thousand balloon drop from the second level atrium at midnight.
  •  Party favors and a complimentary champagne toast at midnight.
  •  Seafood and steak buffet for two
  • Midnight breakfast buffet for two.
  •  Discounted drink prices over normal club drink prices.
  •  DesirousParty's DJ playing all the hottest club hits and your requests.
  • Hotel group block with 3 private party floors
  • Limousine Transportation to and from club.
This pretty much summarizes the party amenities better than the previous post. Plus we have the ability to book more rooms than we did at Halloween. This was also suggested at Halloween and a few guests tried it. But for those wishing to kick in the NYE party when you first get to the hotel and start meeting n greeting. Try creating a small banner to outside your room with your profile names, etc... so that others know where to find you and or know to stop and visit. This years hotel block will be one huge party block and people will be roaming on all three party floors with no interruption. So grab their attention.
Nov 6, 2007 9:24 PM (15+ Years)
Okay first and foremost. We learned, tweaked and are prepared after our huge Halloween party at the Ritz. You can prepare for a party all you want. But we never expected a crowd that huge. We are grateful, had a blast and are ready to do it again. But this time you will not catch us with our pants down (so to speak). wink With all of that said here is the basic answers to all the questions for NYE that have been asked lately.

1. Yes we will have the entire club for NYE. No dancers and no normal clientele. So that means the entire first and second floors.
2. Yes we will be adding a second dance floor on the first level. On Halloween we took some seating out as everyone for the most part likes to stand, mingle and basically just party hard. So we will be having the extra seating of the first room plus additional seating as well. The club is huge so we have plenty of room for seating.
3. Yes we will have extra bartendars on both bars. Plus we will be bringing in a additional five mini bars stocked with beer and liquor positioned throughout the club. Extra waitresses will be on staff for NYE as well.
4. As mentioned above we will have two dance floors, three raised dance stages with a dance pole or two, dance cage, and DP's DJ Chris behind the mike for NYE.
4. Now the most asked question here lately which is the hotel. We met with ownership and management of the Holiday Inn. They wanted our group for Halloween and welcome us with open arms for NYE. They have given us three private party floors with the promise of more if we need them. So if you want to roam the halls, room hop and run around in your roman toga then go for it. We just ask that you be respectful of others which is never a problem for our group. 
5. Yes we will be having a meet n greet at the hotel bar from 5pm-7pm on NYE. The hotel has given us a $2 domestic beer drink special.
6. We have blocked off 25 rooms for our group at the $79 rate for Sunday as well.

I am sure that there are additional questions so dont hesitate and I will try to answer them as quickly and best that I can.

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