Richs Houston Texas 77004 Public NightClub
Venue TypeAlcoholSmokingMember Rating
Public NightClubCash BarAllowed Outside9.0


2401 San Jacinto Street
Houston, Texas 77004, USA
Phone: 713-759-9606

Richs Reviews

Apr 16, 2008 7:24 PM (12+ Years)
PROS: GREAT house music!! After hours and lots of room! Looove this club! The hours of the club, split-level, and mix of music based upon location in club make this even more awesome. Also... this is a personal favorite, as I am NEVER ready to stop partying and it gets packed after 2am!

CONS: Can be a bit crowded and the setting isn't as nice as some of the others. Howwever the people, layout, and staff make-up for the loss.

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