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19th Halloween Erotica Ball Reserved Table/Sofa Sections- Bottle Service

Oct 14, 2022 1:41 PM (1+ Years)

Lets talk reserved seating. This will be a huge event on both nights and not feasible for provide seating for everyone. Like the previous parties at the DoubleTree takeover events. Seating will be limited and reserved table bottle service will be required. We can seat groups of 2 up to 8 people. We also have intimate sofa seating on two sides of the dance floor. If you attended Purgatory then we will be doing the same design layout for Halloween. Every table will have a view of the dj stage and we are elevating the dj for this event as well.

If you wish to inquire on reserved table bottle service. Please email info@desirousparty.com and we will send you the required bottle service form that is to be returned to the hotel contact email which is listed on the form as well. 

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