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DEVIANT 2022 Reserved Pool Side Cabanas and Pool Chairs for DEVIANT

Sep 14, 2022 2:21 PM (4+ Months)

Latest on pool chairs, cabanas (with two free chairs) and for those who like Moet champagne poolside.

Yes the resort is all inclusive on alcoholic beverages. They just dont pour Moet. But we worked a great deal that is hundreds less than what they normally charge. So you have options.

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Aug 24, 2022 10:12 AM (5+ Months)
  • VIP poolside chairs and cabana beds for the daytime pool parties.  Have a place reserved to lounge and put your stuff or even a little play time. All pricing is inclusive of all core deviant dates.
  • We are flipping the normal design of the Desire Pearl pool layout. All Cabanas will be placed on the party side of the pool and reserved just for you. Literally putting the cabanas at the pool edge with direct access into the pool. Normally cabanaas are on the book reading side of the resort. This gives it a unique flair putting you amongst the guests which makes for great mixing, mingling and the the dj's dead center on the party pool side. Total VIP experience.  
  •  Reach out by texting Jen at 844-878-4237 or email to bookings@desirousparty.com to reserve yours today.
  •            Pool Chairs (2) : $320 total for all core dates of DEVIANT
  •            Cabana Bed (for up to 4 people) : $1250 total for all core dates- 

            No bottle purchases are required and this price is for all the days and not per day. However if you wish we              have also gotten VIP reduced pricing on Moet champagne for $150. Which is several hundred cheaper                    than what the resort charges. 

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