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4th Annual Wild on Desire Pearl- Spring Retreat 2015 RWB Vodka

Apr 10, 2015 7:28 PM (9+ Years)

For all those joining us on the group trip this week, we show delivery of 5 cases of RWB Vodka at the resort. So we will be getting the bottles placed at the bars for our group. We are bringing in three different designs of coozies as well for our group. We look forward to meeting everyone. Be sure to ask your trip hosts which bars it is placed at and we will be sure to get you a drink with it. 

Mar 13, 2015 4:21 PM (9+ Years)

For those who are joining us on the Spring Break group trip to Desire Pearl in April. RWB Vodka will be shipping in a few cases for the group trip guests. As they wanted our trip guests from around the world to sample this ultra premium potato vodka. Made with Idaho potatos, mountain spring water and refined with a 5 stage filtration system. We will have the vodka at the pool bar for our group as well as at the Agave bar in the lobby for our night time mixers. So if you are looking for a superb clean vodka with an impeccable taste be sure to try RWB Vodka while on the group trip. 

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