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Halloween Erotica Ball- 21st Annual Questions and Answers

Jun 10, 2024 1:47 PM (4+ Days)

Each year the Halloween Erotica party is attended by guests who are attending for the very first time. Like all smart people, they have lots of questions as they like to be informed. So we have compiled a list of the very common questions and the answers to these questions. Hopefully, this will help educate everyone on what to expect and what the event is like. Last year over 1500 people attended the event. So get ready for a party like no other Halloween party as nothing is to wild or to mild.  

As the event gets bigger, sexier, and infamous. Our ultimate goal is to keep the chemistry of the event the same. Which is sexy, hot, and very upscale. When you leave this party we want you saying, "Wow, cant wait for next year". Which is why we are not at the 20th annual Halloween Erotica Ball. 

Over the last nineteen years, this event has become a infamous nationwide Halloween party for the whose who. Which is a great thing. The party returns to the Double Tree IAH hotel for a full hotel takeover on Friday and Saturday nights. All events will take place at the hotel.  

Now or the QnA...............

Parties For Couples and Single Ladies Only for the Houston Halloween Parties?

When your wife /girlfriend gets dressed up in your typical sexy fantasy outfit, it usually means she will be the center of attention wherever you go. If you were to go to a normal bar, you would have to deal with single males and their sexual harassment. Then of course you have the other Females who will give her dirty looks, just because she looks good, etc...  This is one of the main reasons Desirous Party started. We wanted to provide a safe environment for you and your significant other to party with other like-minded people.  Everyone is respectful of everyone else, and the girls can dress as wild as they like without having to deal with all the haters. 

Who goes to the Houston Halloween Ball?

The ages range from mid-20s to mid-50s. But we also have some guests who are in their 60s and strive all their life to stand out amongst the crowd and they still do in a very good way. Vanity might be a good word to describe the members of the Desirous Party.  They are people who take care of themselves. They have high standards for the way they live, and for who they mingle with. The women come dressed oozing of sex appeal, and the guys dress in fashionable attire.  Couples fly in from all over the country to attend this event.  Desirous Party is known for its well-planned Halloween, NYE, Purgatory, and Dirty Vibes group trips.  

What kind of Music is played?

This year we will have three different stages at night. So move between the stages as they will be different styles of music. Plus the DJs change every hour to two hours. So the vibe is constantly changing to help the move around. The artists focus on watching the dance floor and putting the crowd into motion. With such a large crowd we keep the energy high and if the female guests are grooving to the music then everyone should be happy. 

Do the DJs take requests?

Minimal if any song requests are accepted. The dj has to transition from one genre to another trying to match BPM and if your request does not match his current set. Then it could be a short while before they are able to work it into their mixes. Multiple requests make it virtually impossible to build the energy and it's like selecting songs from a jukebox as it's all over the place. We want to give everyone a great experience, ambiance, and vibe. Thank you for understanding and the DJ will watch the dance floor to make sure that people are dancing as the party progresses. 

Can we bring our own Alcohol?

T.A.B.C. laws prohibit this as the hotel has a liquor license. The Doubletree IAH  bars will be cash, c.c. and does not allow you to bring your own bottles.  If caught, guests will be shown the door with no refunds. 

Do I have to be a member of the site to attend?

No, all of our events are open to non-members.  However joining the website gives you the opportunity to create a discrete profile to mingle with other members who are going to the Houston Halloween Erotica Ball. The only requirement is you be a single female or a couple to attend the Halloween Ball.

Can I take pictures?

We will have photo booths available this year. Which you can text the photos to your phone. But you may take other photos but  make sure you are only taking pictures of you and your friends.  Many of our Members wish to stay private, so please do not walk around taking pictures of people you don't know.  We have dedicated Photographers/videographers for that.

Am I going to have to wait in line to get into the event?

If you purchase pre sale discounted tickets then you should not have to wait in line.  If you pay at the door, then you might have to wait for 5 - 10 minutes.  No matter how you pay, it's our goal to get you into the event as fast as possible. 

Will bottle service be available?

Yes. If you are interested in bottle service/ table reservations, please click the Halloween flier on the main page and we have information in regards to the reserved bottle service tables.  All Top Shelf Brands are Available. You may also email info@desirousparty.com with the request. 

I purchased pre-sale tickets and have not received my tickets yet?

Your pre-sale ticket receipt is your ticket to the event. If you do not have it no worries. Just present the I.D. that matches the payment information. Each purchase is good for one couple. We will have a pre-pay VIP line to get you into the party quickly. Just present one of the two (ID or receipt) at the club and that's all you need to do. It pretty much works as a  "Will Call" line, but much faster.

What time can we check into the hotel?

You may check into the hotel at 230pm.  The front desk will give you a event itinerary as well for any early Pre Mixers etc.... Many couples will start their own pre-meet n greets as soon as they hit the hotel and get their rooms settled in. Let their hair down so to speak and have a little adult quality time between the two of them. 

 What makes your Halloween party different from all the rest?

 First and foremost is that the event is for couples and single females only. But most importantly it is the sexual energy of all the party guests and the erotic costumes. Every year we hear from guests who have attended the Halloween Erotica Ball and decided to venture to another Halloween party for the first time. We get told that there is no comparison to the wild crazy energy that the Erotica Ball produces. It is the guests attending for the first time, being able to wear as little as they like for their costumes, to the DJs amping up the guests to a fevered pitch. To the dance lights, bass, and moving bodies in all kinds of fantasy wear. Which is why we say it's best described as Mardi Gras Carnival' crazy kind of energy. There is no comparison as hard as some try. This is the 21st annual and it only gets bigger and better each year. 

Will the meet and greet on Friday be costume attire also?

A: For the mixers, it can be a casual or sexy attire affair. It's up to you. This year we start off with the third annual theme, FreakShow. So the party is a costumed affair. 

Q: Will there be a coat check at the check-in desk?

A: Yes, the front door staff will have a coat check area. So no worries as we will have the ladies taken care of for this event. 

Q: Can we smoke/vape inside the event spaces?

A: Smoking/ Vaping is only outside on the courtyard area. 

Q: Can we bring our own alcohol?

A: No, this is not a byob or on-premise style party. Cash, c.c. bars will be set up throughout the event areas. 

Q: Will there be changing rooms for the ladies?

A: Yes, the hotel has multiple restrooms that can be used if you do not have a hotel room. 

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