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ReVeL- Cozumel- Where Music meets Pleasure Q n A for ReVeL in Cozumel

Feb 7, 2024 10:49 AM (4+ Months)

We are getting lots of questions on this year's springtime trip to Cozumel. So as I get them I will list them here as well for everyone to read.

Q: What is the difference between Purgatory and ReVeL? Will there be as many people at ReVeL as normally at Purgatory?

A: This has been one of the most asked questions. Both events will have the same similar energies. great themes and some of our best DJs. But they are quite the opposite. Purgatory averages 1400 plus people. ReVeL is designed this year to be a more intimate experience of less than 200 people. As I mentioned we picked some of our DJs that spin at Purgatory and bring them to a great Caribbean location so you get to know them more as well as the other guests. We are set on the Caribbean Sea where you can swim/snorkel in the ocean and hear the artists. So there is no deciding what stage to go to or meeting someone and not seeing them again for hours or days. ReVeL is the perfect place to go as a couple, unwind a bit, and or party to the sunrises. We gear ReVeL for the mind, body, and soul. Saxy Babes n Brunch DJ set, Sunset topless yoga DJ set, daytime poolside sets by our DJs, and nighttime sexy-themed events where our light crews illuminate the party areas. Followed by a nighttime after-party set each night in the rooftop pool area. Its a Caribbean vacation that can be the best of both worlds. 

Q: Can we be topless? Can I wear thongs?

A: Yes and Yes. You just cannot be nude. It's the perfect resort and location to be topless. 

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