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Revolution Houston New Years Eve 2023 Q n A for New Years Eve

Aug 21, 2023 10:28 AM (9+ Months)

Every year we get quite a few questions regarding our annual Revolution New Year's Eve Houston event. Once again this year we are starting off the festivities a day early with the Eve of Eve- Wonderland- Down the Rabbit Hole on December 30th. Then for NYE, it will be Revolution Houston NYE. This year NYE will be held at the Houston Marriott South Hobby Hotel for two nights with a total hotel takeover on both nights. 

Two nights of NYE festivities. Including pre-party mixers, headline DJs, two DJ stages, a Huge Dirty Vibes Immersion Photo experience, two sensual themes, a full hotel event on both days, a nationwide guest list, and of course after parties. All are held at the newly remodeled host hotel with views from every room of the grand atrium. These Q & A's will help answer quite a few of the questions. Last year over 700 people attended our end-of-the-year event and our ultimate goal is to keep the chemistry of the event the same. Which is sexy, hot, and very upscale. When you leave this party we want you to say, "Wow, I can't wait for next year".

What should we wear for Wonderland- Down the Rabbit Hole?

Follow us down the rabbit hole for a night where the fairy tales of Wonderland come to life and visual fantasies come true in a very sexy fashion. Come attired as your favorite character, wild crazy hats, or come dressed in bright whimsical colors. All-encompassing what will be a night of Wonderland fantasy in the Revolution Grand Ballroom with headliner Anthony Attalla with ScottyBoy as the opener. Plus DJs will be spinning on the Atrium stage as well. 

What should we wear for the Revolution Houston NYE party?

Ladies…a night of Glitz and Glam to bring 2023 to a climactic end. Nothing is too wild or mild for this fashion NYE event and clothing changes are encouraged. 

Gentleman- dress to impress. Tuxes and suits are not mandatory. Get creative with your attire.No t-shirts, ballcaps, ragged jeans, tennis shoes, etc... Represent in an impressive way. (Dress code will be enforced)

Parties For Couples and Single Ladies Only?

When your wife /girlfriend gets dressed up in your typical Sexy Outfit, it usually means she will be the center of attention where ever you go. If you were to go to a normal bar, you would have to deal with single males and or the other females who will give her dirty looks, just because she looks good. This is one of the main reasons DesirousParty.com started.  We wanted to provide a safe environment for you and your significant other to party with other like-minded people.  Everyone is respectful of everyone else, and the girls can dress as wild as they like without having to deal with all the drama of the other places. 

What kind of Music will be played at the party?

The Revolution Grand Ballroom will be top 40 dance remixes, party anthems, and dance favorites that put the female body on the dance floor.  Our DJs know how to play sets that put the bodies in motion whether they are on the dance floor, mixing and mingling or dancing where they stand. They love to create a sexy vibe and basically move the energy all over the board during their sets. So expect to dance the night away on both nights.  Song requests are not taken....as it is literally impossible to control the energy of 700-plus guests with random song requests and makes the DJ's job very hard. All our artists have been in the industry for 15 plus years and know how to take amp up the party vibe ..Also the Grand Ballroom and Atrium stage will have music that is opposite of each other. So if you do not like the vibe of one stage. Please check the other. 

Who goes to the Desirous Party events?

The ages range from mid-20s to mid-50s. But we also have some guests who are in their 60s and strive all their life to stand out amongst the crowd and they still do in a very good way. Vanity might be a good word to describe the members and party guests of Desirous Party.  They are people who take care of themselves. They workout, and live a healthy lifestyle.  They have high standards for the way they live, and for who they mingle with. The women come dressed oozing sex appeal, and the guys dress in fashionable attire.  Couples fly in from all over the country to attend this event.  Desirous Party is known for its well-planned NYE Parties.

Will this be a total hotel event for NYE Weekend?

Yes, both nights will be a total hotel takeover of the Houston Marriott South.  Both nights will be held in the Rendezvous Grand Ballroom with each night having a different look and feel if you will. The focal centerpiece of this hotel is the grand atrium where the Rendezvous Grand Atrium will be on the meeting ground for this year's  Dirty Vibes Immersion Photo Experience. There will be plenty of seating, but considering this event will be attended by over 600 plus people. If you want a seat you will need to arrive early and or reserve a bottle service table for the evening. But hey who wants to sit when you can mix, mingle and party all night long?

Why Couples Only Party?

 Do not confuse Couples and Single Ladies' events to necessarily mean the much stigmatized sex-style party the general public thinks about. Yes, it's an open-minded crowd from all walks of the lifestyle. Plus, granted our events make for a very sensual and erotic atmosphere, but don't expect to walk in and see people having sex on the tables. As that is not allowed. People attend the NYE party for many reasons.  From the sexy party guests, ambiance and atmosphere of the club style party, amenities, the theme, renowned DJs, and an upscale girl's gone wild atmosphere where you can feel secure to dance the night away. Plus it's a great way to see friends and meet new people.  What people do when they leave the party behind closed doors is up to everyone's own secret desires.  

Do the guys have to wear formal wear?

No, you do not. Just dress to impress. No tennis shoes, no ballcaps, etc...We understand that this is Texas and many feel comfortable in starched jeans, a stetson, etc... Due to this year's theme, many gentlemen will wear tuxes, suits, slacks, etc. But just dress to impress and have a great time. 

Oh and yes Ladies. There will be clothing changes and most ladies will be changing into lingerie during the night. It's all about the ladies. Some ladies will do multiple changes. However, you can stay in your NYE finest and just enjoy the spectacle around you. Your desire is our desire. It's all about having fun and leaving the real world behind. 

Can we bring our own Alcohol?

No, the hotel will have cash/credit card bars throughout the event areas and does not allow you to bring your own bottles, cups, etc... No outside beverages are allowed into the part event areas.  However, most guests do bring bottles to their hotel room for both pre and after-parties.

How do I pre-pay for the party?

Click on the New Year's Eve flier. You will see a pre-pay button under the event pre-pay section. Just click there and it will take you thru the steps.

I purchased pre-sale tickets and have not received my tickets yet.

Your pre-sale transaction receipt is your ticket to the event. If you do not have it no worries. Just present the I.D. that matched the payment information. Each purchase is good for one couple. We will have a pre-pay VIP line to get you into the party quickly. Just present one of the two (ID or receipt) to our door staff and that's all you need to do. It pretty much works as a  "Will Call" line, but much faster.

Will there be and can we get reserved tables for this event? Will there be a bottle service?

If requesting bottle service then yes this will get you a table reservation for the night. Reserved tables for bottle service will be in select VIP premiere tables near the dance floor with a great view of the DJs. Please write info@desirousparty.com and table reservations for this event.

What time can we check into the hotel and do we have to rsvp for the meet n greet at the hotel?

You may check into the hotel at 2 pm on either day. Like all events, you do not have to rsvp. Many couples will start their own pre-meet n greets as soon as they hit the hotel and get their rooms settled in. It's honestly a twelve to fifteen-hour party for some. For others it's just a nice way to get away from the kiddos for a night, let their hair down so to speak, and have a little adult quality time between the two of them.

Will there be a coat check?

Yes, we will have a coat check set up on each night. If your outfit is risque then please cover up if traveling from home to the party and or if staying at the hotel.  As we are near the airport and guests may walk in looking for a room not realizing our event is there and it is sold out. So it respects your privacy and theirs. We will have large black curtains covering the glass elevators for your privacy as well. It again respects our guest's privacy and risque attire is allowed once past the curtains.

If I want to start out the evening in a formal dress and change into lingerie or something more risque,  may I?

Ladies this party as all DesirousParty events are all about you. You may start the evening in whatever fashion statement you wish and change throughout the evening. 

Will the Dj's take requests?

No song requests are accepted on. Requests make it virtually impossible to build the energy and its like selecting songs from a juke box as its all over the place. We want to give everyone a great experience, ambiance and vibe. Thank you for understanding and the dj's will watch the dance floor and audience to make sure that people are dancing either on the dance floor or where they stand as the party progresses. 

Can I take pictures?

Yes, however, make sure you are only taking pictures of yourself and your friends.  Many of our Members wish to stay private, so please do not walk around taking pictures of people you don't know.  We have dedicated staff Photographers for that. We will also have a Mirror Booth set up in the Grand Atrium as well. 

Will bottle service be available?

Yes. If you are interested in bottle service/ table reservations, please email info@desirousparty.com

Q: Is smoking allowed inside?

A: No, smoking is allowed outside only and the hotel has smoke areas set up outside. 

Q: Will there be private rooms?

A: No, this is considered an off-premise party. Hence the group block hotel rooms for all the after-party fun. 

Q: Can nipples, butts, and topless be shown?

A: No nudity is allowed. Please cover up until you get to the event areas on Eve of Eve. A coat rack is outside the event area. Pasties, bras, thongs, etc... are ok inside the event area. But no nudity. Itsy bitsy is ok but nipples must be covered. 


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