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Feb 11, 2013 8:14 AM (11+ Years)
We just made a few additions to the Purgatory Dj Lineup. So here is the most recent and updated list. Many will realize that to get such a great list of Dj's you normally have to attend a massive weekend festival. We are doing this in a intimate upscale setting with some of the hottest couples from across the U.S. The Dj's realize this and a big thanks goes out to them for their extra efforts and for creating such a unique energy for this Purgatory weekend. 

Purgatory Weekend DJ's

Lizzie Curious- United Kingdom
Jeff Henderson- Houston
M.E.- Houston
DVNT- Houston
Omar- Houston
Seismyc- Houston
Damian- Miami
Ronnie G - Miami
Dropcap- Dallas
Adrenal- San Diego
Feb 10, 2013 1:08 PM (11+ Years)
Everyone asks what our Purgatory Event names stand for. In honor of this event we decided to stem from Greek Mythology.

Friday Nyx Pool Party: Nyx is the Goddess of Night
Friday Chaos Ballroom Mixer: Chaos is Goddess of Air. Her name means the gap or space between Heaven and Earth
Saturday Helios Pool Party: God of the Sun
Saturday Purgatory Main Event: Meeting ground where good and evil coexist for one sexy and erotic event.
Feb 5, 2013 6:41 PM (11+ Years)
We continue to update our Dj list. 
ShadowRed from Las Vegas will be moving to Playbor Day Weekend- Hall Pass part II and will be the man behind the main event for that weekend. 

Dj's Dvnt and Jeff Henderson have been added to the Purgatory Lineup. 

We will be releasing the Dj timeline later this week. 
Jan 20, 2013 10:27 AM (11+ Years)
Our Dj list continues to grow and we expect to add a few more over the next few months who will be doing guest Dj sets with our listed Dj's. But here is who we have for Purgatory weekend and we are currently working on our set/timeline list so that we can post for everyone. Making a few tweeks over last year thus giving everyone multiple Dj's at one particular timeline venue at the hotel. Basically meaning instead of just one Dj spinning the pool parties there will be several.

Dj List (in no particular order)

Lizzie Curious- England
Omar- Houston
Seismyc- Houston
Damian- Miami
Adrenal- LA
Dropcap- Dallas
ShadowRed- Las Vegas

Jan 12, 2013 8:27 AM (11+ Years)
While this forum post has been quiet for the last 20 days we have been super busy building our Dj list for Purgatory weekend. Our goal has been to go above and beyond what we did last year and that was a huge task as last year set the bar high. We are super excited to announce that we are bringing in Lizzie Curious from London, England to be the headliner at the Saturday pool party. Lizzie Curious has just created her own record label and over the last few years has recorded the lyrics for some of the hottest artists streaming across the airwaves. We are very lucky to have her attend Purgatory, Heaven or Hell weekend 2013 as her star is quickly rising as one of the world's hottest Dj's. 

We are looking at having between 7-10 Dj's spin over Purgatory, Heaven or Hell weekend. We are currently working on a timeline for Dj sets. Over the party weekend you will hear all styles of music as these Dj's bring a unique high energy vibe. Add in the ever present sexy bodies you will find at DesirousParty.com events, an erotic theme and a brand new renovated venue. So make plans to join us for a epic weekend.  

Dec 23, 2012 12:08 AM (11+ Years)
We continue to add to the Dj lineup for Purgatory weekend. Dj M.E. has been added and we are in talks with several other Dj's at this time. Hoping to have the list completed within the next few weeks. Set stage times have not been decided as of yet as that will also be done in the next few weeks. 
Dec 11, 2012 7:01 PM (11+ Years)
We are starting to release some of the Dj's for Purgatory weekend. Stage set times have not been decided yet and we are in talks with multiple Dj's. This event always pulls in Dj's from across the nation and many come in to just to do a small set as they want to be a part of the enormous energy and sexy crowd of this event. 
But these two Dj's have been with DesirousParty.com for several years and know how to put the bodies in motion. We are happy to announce that both of these Dj's have agreed to return once again for Purgatory weekend. 
  • Dj O
  • Dj Seismyc

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