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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend- Total Hotel Party Weekend 2013 Purgatory Hotel Weekend Information

Jun 18, 2013 4:56 PM (9+ Years)
We are now sold out of rooms for both nights at the hotel. In case of cancellations we might have a few rooms available late. If you desire to try and get one of these rooms you may write info@desirousparty.com  as all booking links are now closed. 
Jun 10, 2013 4:51 PM (9+ Years)
Saturday night is now sold out and no further rooms can be added. There are approximately 10 rooms left for Friday night before we are sold out on that night. Thank you for making this our largest hotel block to date with over 160 rooms reserved on Saturday night alone. 
May 29, 2013 9:41 AM (9+ Years)
We are down to our last 25 rooms for Purgatory and then we will be at a sold out status. The hotel has several floors in the tower that are still under renovation so there will no further rooms added to the group block. So grab one while you can. Hotel reservation link is above in this forum as well in the party information section as well. 
May 20, 2013 8:31 AM (9+ Years)
Please note this is only in regards to poolside Cabana rooms which sold out in early February. 

Just a quick note to those that got one of the poolside rooms that were released in January. You will not know which floor you are on until the day of the event. The hotel computer is going to do a random assignment and the major factor of assignment will be whether the guests has a king of double bed room. So its going to be a luck of the draw as we had guests crying, begging and pissed at the world that they could not get a poolside room or on the first floor. Yep not joking as we spent quite a bit of time dealing with all of that last year. It's a fun no stress sexy weekend for everyone so this is the best solution. So poolside rooms are sold out and the computer will assign floors on the cabana section for those rooms.

We still have rooms available at the Doubletree for Purgatory weekend as we are now booking in the tower which was renovated in 2008 and currently undergoing another renovation. The hotel has a nice flowing layout and all events are easily accessible for Purgatory weekend hotel guests. 

If you are flying into Houston. Hobby Airport is two minutes from hotel and has free transfers. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is about a 40 minute taxi ride to the hotel. So for convenience it is suggested you choose Hobby Airport if possible. 

Apr 28, 2013 5:48 PM (9+ Years)
We had our first of many meetings with hotel management in regards to Purgatory 2013 weekend. First and foremost is that rooms are being reserved at a record pace of any event that we have ever hosted. Meaning that we have 65 rooms left in our group block before we are sold out. Normally we could reserve more rooms but three floors of the hotel will be under full  renovation so those will not be available to us. There will no other rooms or other hotels added to this event. As we are doing everything at the DoubleTree for Purgatory. 
Secondly we have contracted with Aura Systems to handle all sound and lighting for this event. To many this may mean nothing. However to those who love epic laser and lighting shows this means a lot accompanied by awesome sound and renowned Dj's. Basically we promised to take this event this year to a party level that we have never done before. 
Thirdly we are very happy to welcome Shackty's Pleasure Box to Purgatory, Heaven or Hell 2013. They will set up in the main esplanade on both Friday and Saturday. So ladies if you need toys, lingerie, club wear, shoes, pasties and other cool last minute items. Then this will be a great stopping place for you. 
So we implore you to reserve your rooms early as this event will sell out. 
DoubleTree by Hilton Houston Hobby Airport
8181 Airport Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77061

Deluxe Rooms-Cabana Section & Tower Section- $109
Group Code:
Sold Out
Mar 27, 2013 5:40 PM (10+ Years)
Knocking on the door of 100 rooms reserved and we still have over two months to go. Hotel has promised us 180 rooms so at this rate we will definitely hit a sell out sooner than later. Our party crowd is used to waiting till a few weeks before the event to reserved a room as we always have a huge room block to pull from. However the huge out of state response to this event is eating up our room count quicker than ever before. So we are doing our best to get the word out as when we post, "Sold Out" there will not be anymore rooms added and we will not add a secondary hotel. As we do not want to over sell this event in a effort to get it very upscale, intimate and full of sexy fun energy. So please do not wait until  the last minute as no promises made on when we will reach that sell out point. 
Feb 22, 2013 4:17 PM (10+ Years)
With still four months to go until this epic party weekend. We already have 60 room reserved for both Friday and Saturday nights. We only have 180 rooms at our disposal for this event as not all rooms will be completed with the renovation  process. So we anticipate this event to sell out of rooms well in advance of Purgatory weekend. We have reservations made by couples from all over the U.S. who have heard about this years Dj lineup and the reputation from last years event. So there is still plenty of time and we will post updates periodically on the hotel reservation count. As we do not want to catch anyone by surprise with a sudden sell out. Because once our allotted rooms are reserved there will not be anymore added as the entire hotel will be booked solid.  
Feb 11, 2013 8:09 AM (10+ Years)
Purgatory Weekend Itinerary


2pm- Hotel Check in Starts
3pm- Event VIP Wristband Pick Up- Pool Entrance
3pm-Midnight- Boutique Opens in Esplanade
4:30pm- Pool Entrance Opens w/ cash bars
5pm-11pm Nyx Pool Party
5pm-8pm- Dj M.E. on Stage
8pm-11pm- H3Lium Dj's on Stage
9pm-2am Chaos Ballroom Mixer
9pm-11pm- Dj Dvnt on stage
11pm-2am- H3lium Dj's on stage
2am-? Private (not hosted) After Parties start


1130am-Pool opens w/cash bars
Noon-9pm- Boutique Opens in Esplanade
Noon- 6pm- Helios Pool Party
Noon-3pm- Dj O on stage
3pm-6pm- H3Lium Dj's w/headliner Lizzie Curious on stage
9pm- 2am Purgatory Heaven or Hell Grand Ballroom Opens
9pm-1230am- Dj Jeff H on stage
1230am-2am- H3lium Djs on Stage
2am- ? Private (not hosted) After Parties start

Everyone asks what our Purgatory Event names stand for. In honor of this event we decided to stem from Greek Mythology.

Friday Nyx Pool Party: Nyx is the Goddess of Night

 Friday Chaos Ballroom Mixer: Chaos is Goddess of Air. Her name means the gap or space between Heaven and Earth

Saturday Helios Pool Party: God of the Sun

Saturday Purgatory Main Event: Meeting ground where good and evil coexist for one sexy and erotic event.
Jan 21, 2013 9:50 PM (10+ Years)
If you requested a pool view room by writing the email listed then you should have received a reply email stating that you are reserved for a pool view room. You will not know which floor you are on until you arrive. As there are three floors on the cabana that have pool view rooms. 
Please note that cabana pool view rooms are sold out and we are now reserving the rest of the rooms located in the cabana and tower section of the hotel. 
Jan 20, 2013 11:24 AM (10+ Years)
We are also listing the hotel booking link for the group block rooms here in the forum. 

This section covers the hotel group block on the cabana and tower section of the hotel. We reserved over 150 rooms last year so there is no bad place to be at. Meaning we have huge group blocks on the cabana and tower sections of the hotel. Plus all rooms will be newly renovated as the hotel is undergoing a multi million dollar renovation of every facet of the hotel. So if you attended last year it will all be brand new to you. Our plan is to book 200 rooms and then we will look at selling out the the hotel block. Our plan is create a upscale, sexy and wildly energetic party weekend. But the ballroom can only hold approximately 500 people and we do not want to make it a weekend where the staff cannot keep up, guests are overly crowded etc..This is about fun, sex appeal, guests attending from around the world and making this a yearly event. So if this event goes as planned this year we expect this to become a sell out at some point. So reserve your rooms early and the normal hotel cancellation policy is in effect where you can cancel X amount of days before without penalty. 

 Please also note that you can party like rockstars all weekend long. You can stock epic alcohol bar selections for the after parties in your room. But you cannot bring any alcohol, food, water, bottles etc.. into the pool area and or ballrooms where the events are hosted. As the hotel is the provider for all cash bar sales and we must follow TABC laws. Plus its the only way the hotel can make money blocking off the hotel for us along with the pool areas, ballrooms etc..This is a private party weekend and the hotel has closed off these areas to just our group. Which is why we can do a total hotel weekend party of this proportion. So please help us follow their rules so we do not end what has become a epic party weekend. 

**Please note that this event will go on rain or shine. As all ballrooms and hotel facilities have been booked by our group. So the party will go on as we have enormous spacious hotel venues granted to us this year. 

A hotel reservation is separate from the weekend or daily pass to all of the events.  Pre Sale event passes will be announced in February. **

DoubleTree by Hilton
8181 Airport Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77061

Pool View Cabana Rooms-$125-  Sold Out

Deluxe Rooms- $109
Group Code:
Sold Out

Jan 8, 2013 5:59 PM (10+ Years)
The hotel booking link has been posted to the site. You may click on the party flier and scroll down to access the hotel booking link. 

Please also note and this is the same as the two summer events we hosted last year at this venue. There will be cash bars set up poolside and in the ballrooms. No outside food or beverages, water bottles, coolers, thermal cups etc...will be allowed in the pool area and or ballrooms. There will be event security working the parties this year and in order for us to do a hotel takeover of this magnitude we had to allow the hotel to handle all alcohol sales. We were able to get them to give us seriously reduced drink prices over normal club drink prices. If you want to bring your own beverages in your room no problem at all. However please help us to keep this very unique Houston party location for our group as we are the only group allowed to host pool parties/hotel takeover at this venue.  We are bringing in some awesome Dj's this year, buying sound, lighting etc... Making this a Las Vegas style event being hosted in the big H and bringing in a nationwide guest list. 
Nov 27, 2012 7:35 AM (10+ Years)
 I also forgot to add that the hotel is currently under going a multi million dollar renovation. Which is all rooms, sheet rock, a/c's, ballrooms etc.... So we get a brand new hotel as it was required with the brand name change. We are the only party group in Houston able to host an event at a hotel of this caliber with these amenities and a party pool. We designed a high energy Las Vegas style party weekend. Which pulls a very sexy crowd from abroad. 

The hotel will have top shelf cash bars set up pool side and in the ballrooms for the group. Plus domestic/imported beer and their chefs are top rated and the hotel will have discounted group buffets set up throughout the weekend. Along with room service and restaurants where you can sit down and order off of the menu. We learned a lot from last year's event and the hotel is ready to roll out the red carpet for the Purgatory party group. 
Nov 25, 2012 8:56 PM (10+ Years)
Due to the enormous success of last years event with couples attending from numerous countries along with all over the U.S. We are releasing hotel information and event details early this year making it possible for more people to travel in from abroad. The entire weekend will be held at the hotel. Meaning all events will be held in the ballrooms and or pool parties at the hotel. If flying into Houston and wish to be picked up at the airport by the DoubleTree transportation. Please fly in Hobby Airport as the airport is only minutes away. 

We are currently working on final details such as Dj's etc... if you attended the event last year then you know to expect a weekend that will tease your imaginations.

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