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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, 2019 Purgatory Event Conduct Guidelines

May 20, 2019 3:46 PM (3+ Years)

Below are some basic guideline rules that we have for every Dp event. They can always be found at the bottom of your ticket confirmation receipt that you receive from ML Ticketing. 

With this year being our largest Purgatory event to date, we thought it would be a great idea to bring attention to these basic common sense lifestyle rules. Purgatory is a very stimulating event with all the sexy guests, erotic costumes and then alcohol is added to the mix. We have a lot of  new first time party guests attending this year. Staff will always be on hand during event hours to handle any situations. If staff cannot assist with a situation then we will let our onsite security team handle the situation. Which they would rather not do as they just like to look at our attractive guests and do nothing. Which is how we prefer it. 

As large as the DesirousParty events have become. We seldom have any situations as we cater to a upscale professional clientele. Which is how it should be. We hope these basic guidelines help you have an incredible event this year. 

Event Rules: Below are basic rules for the event to be used as guidelines for conduct.

  1. Desirous Party never shares guest information with anyone, so please ask guests directly for their contact information at the party.
  2. Please respect the venue at all times by keeping it clean and picking up after yourself. If you have an accident, please do your best to clean up, and/or notify staff to help you.
  3. All guests should respect the dignity of others. No violence or rude conduct toward a guest or staff will be permitted. Zero tolerance policy regarding this and you will be asked to leave and no refunds given. 
  4. This event is for couples and single females only. Couples must arrive together in order to receive wristbands. 
  5. No means no! So if someone tells you no, you need to respect this decision. Also don't assume anything just because this is a lifestyle event. Respect at all times. 
  6. Please ask for the consent of others before touching.
  7. There is a no-tolerance policy against drugs or prostitution.
  8. No cameras, cell phone camera or recording devices are alowed of other guests.  Desirous Party will have special photographers/videographers on hand for event photos. All photos will be blurred as well which is a standard policy of Desirous Party. 
  9. Overly intoxicated guests will be asked to leave the party area or will be denied entrance. Zero tolearance on this policy. 



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