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Purgatory Heaven & Hell® 2024 Purgatory 2024 Stages

Apr 10, 2024 2:49 PM (1+ Months)

As we approach our 19th anniversary of the infamous, Purgatory, Heaven & Hell, 2024. We are excited to map out a few changes this year. 

There will be 4 nighttime stages throughout Purgatory 2024 and 2 daytime stages. The Disavowed Pool Party is once again hosted by Groove Cruise. This year we are designing a new pool stage with a new location for the stage as well. 

Now here are the stages for Purgatory, Heaven & Hell, 2024. 

  • Disavowed Pool Stage- Hosted with Groove Cruise

A mixture of all the music genres depending on the DJ who is spinning. This year there will be Go Go dancers as well as different artists performing 

  • Purgatory Grand Ballroom

All music genres depending on the DJ's spinning. But primarily focused on remixed party dance anthems from previous decades, Top 40 remixes, new EDM dance tracks, etc......

  • Dirty Vibes Ballroom

Smaller Ballroom that gives a boutique lounge club feel with special lighting, lasers, and heavy bass. Nice and Dirty Beats where the DJs can play special sets to a more intimate crowd. Sets that they normally could not play in a larger setting. Expect to hear all genres remixed with a heavy bass vibe. 

  • Damn Virgins Stage-  next to 747 lounge bar

For the past 20 years, DesirousParty has been driven by our signature motto…..” Catering To The New Lifestyle”. It is only fitting to introduce the newest Dp brand; “Damn Virgins”. Damn Virgins is never an insult, but a joyous salute to all those new to the Lifestyle who bring curious, fresh, & sexy energy, with ever-present smiles on their faces, as they seek out the epitome of DesirousParty events.

The Damn Virgins stage represents the party anthems & sing-alongs from diverse music genres combined with the perfect mixing & mingling crowd to connect the experienced, the virgins, and everyone in between. Damn Virgins stage will be the meeting ground to welcome everyone to Purgatory 2024 & remind us that, at one time, we were all new & innocent. Gotta love those Damn Virgins!

  • Fuego Stage- in Spanish, Fuego can be used for the meaning of fire, In English, Fuego can be used as a slang term for something excellent or sexyThe perfect stage name for Purgatory as Yes and Yes. This will be a smaller stage with an intimate lounge feel. The perfect area outside for mixing, and mingling. We will let the DJs and the guests set the course each night for the vibe of this stage. (The stage will be open on Thursday, Friday, and , Saturday nights from 10 pm- 2 am)

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