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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, 2021 Purgatory 2021 Itinerary

Mar 22, 2021 1:40 PM (1+ Months)

We are finalizng our five day itinerary and will be listing each day here in this section. But this gives you a summary of each event area as well. 

Dj's are listed in no particular order. 

Drums of the Sun  Scotty Boy  Joe Maz  Bryan Lubliner  One Eight Seven  Bryan Lubliner No Pants Party  Yokai  Mikedrop  Vox  Faucon  Jason Whitmore (saxphonists)  Brookie  Chris Hammett (congos) More Dj's to be announced before the event. 

  • Purgatory Grand Ballroom

Different from previous years. All music genres depending on the dj's spinning. 

  • Dirty Vibes Ballroom

Smaller Ballroom that gives a boutique lounge club feel. Nice and Dirty Beats where the Dj's can play special sets to a more intimate crowd. Sets that they normally could not play in a larger setting. Expect to hear all genres depending on the Dj spinning. 

  • Purgatory Pool Parties

A mixture of all the music genres depending on the dj who is spinning. 

  • Lil Bit Texas 747 Lounge

Hotel lounge bar renamed for Purgatory. Open nightly for dinner, appetizers and with local dj's spinning old school country, latin music and top 40 remixes. A different vibe from your normal club style setting. Perfect for mixing and mingling. 

Please note: No song requests are accepted on Purgatory weekend. Requests make it virtually impossible to build the energy and its like selecting songs from a juke box as its all over the place. We want to give everyone a great experience, ambiance and vibe. Thank you for understanding and the dj will watch the crowd to make sure the energy level is flowing as the day/night progresses.

Mar 22, 2021 1:48 PM (1+ Months)

Themes for Purgatory 2021

Wednesday Night-

  • night of drop dead sexy club attire for this offsite club Pre Purgatory Affair party/ mxier. A way to welcome those who like to come in early before the main events. 


  • Daytime Pool Party- Represent- represent the state, city or sports team where you are from, i.e.. shirts, caps, swimsuits, get creative
  • Nighttime-  Electric Inferno- a Netherword of Self Expression- electric steampunk meets desert glow, a night of uniquely different attire, sultry and scant, think Mad Max Thunderdome and let your imagination run with it....... Purgatory Grand Ballroom and Pool Courtyard


  • Daytime- Theme will be announces shortly so stay tuned. 
  • Nighttime- Heavenly White- Glow Party- just glow and pick all neon fashions and accessories if you wish. Purgatory Grand Ballroom and Pool Courtyard


  • Daytime- Bling the Fuck Out-  shimmer and shine, glittery swimsuits, captain hats, shirts or however creative you wish to be. 
  • Nighttime- Purgatory Heaen or Hell- a night of angels, devils, fairies, nymphs, goddesses, butterflies and anything else you would find in Purgatory


  • Daytime- Paradise; Rebirth- Sunday Funday Pool Party- sexy house music mixed with old school remixes. 
Mar 26, 2021 11:08 AM (1+ Months)

Preliminary Itinerary Schedule. Please continue to check this schedule as any changes will be automatically updated to this timeline.

Wednesday- July 14th

  • 230pm- Check In at Hotel for Guests who booked all 4 nights for Purgatory.
  • 9:00pm-2am- Henke & Pillot- 809 Congress, Houston Tx- Headline Artist T.B.A..  Guests must uber, ride share etc.. to location. Free for guests who booked an all events ticket for Purgatory. We will be announcing a opening and closing artist in near future. A cover charge will be available for guests who do not have an all events ticketsfor Purgatory 2021.  (a night to impress for gentleman and a night of drop dead sexy club atire for the ladies.)


Apr 19, 2021 11:16 AM (3+ Weeks)

Preliminary Itinerary Schedule. Please continue to check this schedule as any changes will be automatically updated to this timeline.

Thursday- July 15th

  • 2pm- Check In at Hotel for Guests who booked all 3 nights for Purgatory.
  • 2:00pm-2am- 3 Day Weekend Wristbands will be issued at registration desk which will be set up in hotel lobby. 
  • 2pm- 5pm- Disavowed Pool Party- mix in mingle....Dj's and set time announced later
  • 5pm-7pm- IV Bar Opens- located at Escobar Suite near elevator
  • 5pm-9pm- Boutique opens in the Netherworld Foyer- area that gains access to all event areas
  • 5pm-7pm- Pre Party Mixer sponsored by Craziers FB Group. Held at the Dirty Vibes Ballroom- cash/cc (ticket) bar set up for guests
  • 5pm-2am- Netherworld Foyer Bars open
  • 7pm-2am- Lil Bit Texas Lounge Bar opens -dining and drinks  
  • 9:00pm-2am- " Electric Inferno"- a Netherword of Self Expression- all event areas- 
  •          9pm-2am- Purgatory Pool Party- Dj's TBA
  •          10pm-1am Lil Bit Texas 747 Lounge Mixer- country and latin music- Dj TBA
  •          10pm-2am- Purgatory Grand Ballroom- Dj's TBA


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