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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020 Purgatory 2020- Virus Protocols

Aug 19, 2020 9:59 AM (10+ Months)

Please note: If your situation has changed where you cannot attend Purgatory 2020 and you have already purchased pre sale tickets. Please look at your ticket receipt for options. Such as ticket transfer/sell to another couple and or using your ticket toward another event. Your ticket is valid for Purgatory 2021 and or you may use it for the upcoming two day NYE event or any other one event up to 12 months after Purgatory 2020. Once you decide on your option. Please email us at info@desirousparty.com so we can note it on your ticket receipt for future use. 

Last week we had a meeting with hotel management in regards to Purgatory 2020. Discussed was the layout of event areas, compliance of the states restaurant/bar 50 regulations, virus protocols and most importantly the new enhancements and amenities for Purgatory 2020. As mentioned we have doubled our event space at the DT as we now have well over 50,000 sq. ft and thats a conservative number. We have added all of these extra event areas, square footage and amenities to help ensure we follow the protocols.  But please remember your safety is your responsibility and we encourage you to follow virus protocols when in the public areas. The hotel will also be doing temp checks on their staff, wearing masks/gloves and sanitizing all event areas throughout the day.  

  • I will be attaching the virus protocols below. They are already listed in another forum topic as well.  
  • Each event area will have different types of food offered to purchase throughout the weekend. 
  •    Lil Bit Texas 747 Lounge/Restaurant will have a full menu
  •    Bistro will have food available until 2am. Grab and go food items. 
  •    Netherworld Foyer will have a Snack station setup 
  •    Purgatory Grand Ballroom will have assorted food items and tapas were discussed           primarily.
  •    Purgatory Pool will have outdoor grill all weekend. Each day will have a different           food selection i.e... street tacos one day, burgers, hotdogs, etc....
  •    Each food area will have bars as well to help with the flow of people. 
  • No Yeti/RTIC etc cups in event areas. All bars will use plastic throw away cups. No outside drinks allowed into event area. You may walk out of event area (black curtain) with a drink but you cannot re enter with the drink. 
  • Everyone entering event area (black curtain) will use hand sanitizer. 
  • Day/night Pool parties as well as day/night inside event areas as well all weekend
  • Sunday Funday Pool Party- Red, White and Blue w/special grill items to celebrate LDW
  • Single night- hotel reservations are now available. 
  • Single day-Satuday- (both events)- tickets will be available at the door. includes the Sunday pool party.
  • Single event- Sunday Funday pool tickets will be sold at door only.
  • Security- we have a very nice organized security team that we use each year that works with the hotels security team. This is a private event and only guests with wristbands can attend. No outside cameras or video equipment is allowed. We have official event staff that takes party photos and creates our highlight videos. They are easily identified and if not interested a polite no and they will not capture your image. We also would suggest to not post images on social media as a posted image does not reflect the amount of effort we are taking to make this event as safe as possible meeting all protocols and yet allow everyone to attend Purgatory 2020.
  • IV Bars will be setup this year in the Escobar suite located on the first floor near the elevators. More information is coming soon regarding IV Bars. 

Virus Protocols

1. With current mask protocols and out of a abundance of safety. When inside the event areas which is past the black curtains where staff will greet you. You will be required to wear a mask (state guidelines). Outside in the massive courtyard pool area you should be able to social distance and if so then a mask will not be required. Of course when in the pool, sitting at a table or eating/drinking then a mask is not required. We do this to meet county and state guidelines and in a effort to keep everyone safe. Hand sanitize stations will be spread throughout the event area. 

2. All guests will have their temperature checked prior to wristbands being issued. If you are feeling sick, feverish then please do not attempt to attend Purgatory. We will gladly forward your event credit to a future event. The hotel will also have extra staff on hand sanitizing day and night. Along with the new sanitize protocols implemented by DoubleTree/Hilton .

 3No Yeti/RTIC etc cups in event areas. All bars will use plastic throw away cups. This is for hygeine and sanitation. Also please wash hands frequently and use sanitize dispenspers frequently. 

4, DesirousParty holds our guests’ privacy and safety as a top priority which is reflected in our decision to double the venue space by moving the party location to the DoubleTree Hotel. The DoubleTree Hotel property provides over 50,000 square feet of event space and allows DesirousParty staff to host party goers in multiple venue areas throughout the hotel during the day and night time events. This facilitates more social distancing.  We are greatly expanding Purgatory 2020 as adding more to your party package.

5. Mixers- meet n greets-  In years past we held these events at the end of the day in the early evening. For Purgatory 2020 we will be moving these events to mid afternoon on all three days. This will give guests a opportunity to leave the beats behind and meet some new faces or reconnect with friends they havent seen in awhile. The Craziers will be hosting the mixers. More information and times will be updated later.

6. Events- this year all bars/food stations will be scattered throughout the hotel in the event areas. To assist in not congregating a large crowd and help social distance. If you attended NYE then you have seen the new layout we are using for our Purgatory Grand Ballroom bar which gives guests four bar sides to get a beverage. 

We look forward to hosting you this year at Purgatory 2020 in a safe manner. Yet also the high energy and upscale sexy fashion that Purgatory is known for. 

Aug 31, 2020 6:06 PM (9+ Months)

Quick Update: You must check in at the Purgatory registration desk before you check in at the hotel registration desk to get your room. Our staff will be doing temperature checks before issuing event wristbands. After you get your wristbands you can then go to the hotel registration desk to check in and get your rooms. 

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