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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020 Purgatory 2020- Virus Precautions

Jun 2, 2020 1:42 PM (1+ Months)

Updated on 06-16-2020

We have received quite a few questions regarding Purgatory 2020. As of now with all recent updates everything is still planned for mid July. As Texas is now in phase three. The hotel has also green lighted the event as well. But we also understand that people are understandably cautious. This year we will have more event areas setup than we have ever done in Purgatory's 15 year history. Before I go into a list of changes that we are working on for Purgatory 2020.

Please note: If your situation has changed where you cannot attend Purgatory 2020 and you have already purchased pre sale tickets. Please look at your ticket receipt for options. Such as ticket transfer/sell to another couple and or using your ticket toward another event. Your ticket is valid for Purgatory 2021 and or you may use it for the upcoming two day NYE event or any other one event up to 12 months after Purgatory 2020. Once you decide on your option. Please email us at info@desirousparty.com so we can note it on your ticket receipt for future use. 

1.  DesirousParty holds our guests’ privacy and safety as top priority which is reflected in our decision to double the venue space by moving the party location to the DoubleTree Hotel.  Moving  the event to the DoubleTree Hotel property provides over 50,000 square feet of event space and allows DesirousParty staff to host party goers in multiple venue areas throughout the hotel during the day and night time events. This facilitates more social distancing. From the ballrooms to the pool to bar areas day and night, guests will find parties more event space for a full hotel takeover of just Purgatory guests. Yes, multiple dj stages and events going day and night. We are greatly expanding Purgatory 2020 as adding more to your party package.

2. Guests to receive temp checks before you receive your wristbands from the Dp staff. Everyone getting event wristbands will have their temp checked. The hotel will also have extra staff on hand sanitizing day and night. Along with the new sanitize protocols implemented by DoubleTree/Hilton as well as the Sheraton N. Houston/Marriott.

3. We will be having multiple event areas day and night. We have also expanded to the Doubletree to allow us  more event space outside and inside. Meaning day and night time pool parties outside and event areas inside as well. Therefore the guests are not all in one area of the hotel complex.  

4.. Mixers- meet n greets-  In years past we held these events at the end of the day in the early evening. For Purgatory 2020 we will be moving these events to mid afternoon on all three days. This will give guests a opportunity to leave the beats behind and meet some new faces or reconnect with friends they havent seen in awhile. The Craziers will be hosting the mixers on all three days. More information and times will be updated later.

5. Masks- we are not making masks mandatory. However we cater to some of the sharpest dressed party crowd around. So if you feel you would like to wear a mask please do so. As I would expect to see many color coordinating and blinging out their masks to match their party costumes. As we respect each persons safety and support your right to wear one if you wish to do so. 

6. Night Time Events- this year all bars will scattered throughout the hotel in the event areas. To assist in not congregating a large crowd and help social distance it. Bars will be outside, in the foyer, lobby area as well as inside each ballroom event area. If you attended NYE then you have seen the new layout we are using for our Purgatory Grand Ballroom bar which gives guests four bar sides to get a beverage. . 

7. Security- we have a very nice organized security team that we use each year that works with the hotels security team. This is a private event and only guests with wristbands can attend. No outside cameras or video equipment is allowed. We have official event staff that takes party photos and creates our highlite videos. They are easily identified and if not interested a polite no and they will not capture your image. 

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