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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020 Purgatory 2020- Hotel Event Upgrade Updates

Jul 27, 2020 11:38 AM (1+ Years)

Couple of quick updates. Spoke to hotel management and Purgatory at this time is still planned. We are closely watching https://www.tmc.edu/coronavirus-updates/ for the latest news in Houston and the nine large counties that TMC covers.

We are moving everyone over from the Sheraton to the Doubletree and will be posting a new DT booking link this week.

We understand caution and as already mentioned. If you cannot attend Purgatory 2020 and have already purchased tickets. Your tickets will be valid for Purgatory 2021, July 15-18th. That are you may use them for the two night hotel takeover NYE event. (to be posted soon). Just email info@desirousparty.com

With current mask regulations and out of a abundance of caution. When inside the event areas which is past the black curtains where staff will greet you. You will be required to a wear a mask. Outside in the massive courtyard pool area you should be able to be able to social distance and if so then a mask will not be required. We do this to meet county and state requirements and in a effort to keep everyone safe.

The other virus protocols already mentioned on the DesirousParty.com/Purgatory forum are still in place. Such as everyone getting temperature checked prior to receiving an event wristband.

We are still 5 weeks away and we continue to follow the downward spike in the greater Houston area with a hope that all of Texas will follow as well.

Please see attached photos as these lovely ladies set the precedent several years ago and made it a fashion statement.

Any questions please email info@desirousparty.com

Jun 30, 2020 4:03 PM (1+ Years)

Purgatory Hotel Update:

All the reservations have been moved at DoubleTree (DT) from July to September.

  • All the remaining reservations from Sheraton (except staff) have been moved over to DT

  • We have about 10-15 rooms left at DT.

  • There are about 50 people on the waiting list that hotel will be reaching out to.

  • From the waiting list, guests requesting to stay 3 nights or longer will get the 10-15 rooms left at DT. The remainder will be booked at Sheraton on the top 3 group floors.

  • As for people that will be staying at the Sheraton, a booking link will be sent in the email so they can book the room and put a 1 night deposit down.

Please note that the hotel staff is working diligently to get all of these changes done. So the email may take a day or so to go out. But this is the latest hotel update for Purgatory 2020.

Jun 16, 2020 4:47 PM (1+ Years)

Q: Will there be single event or single day tickets sold this year?

A: At this time there is no plans to sell single event or day tickets. We are watching capacity and social distancing protocols. If Texas expands to a phase 4 where we can expand occupancy levels then we will evaluate the situation. 

Jun 10, 2020 2:31 PM (1+ Years)

Question: What do guests do in regards to theme wear if staying at the Sheraton. 

Answer: For guests at the Sheraton. Please wear a cover up to leave hotel and we will have coat check at the Doubletree for you. Shuttles will be for our guests only but cover ups is for your safety and privacy.

Jun 10, 2020 1:34 PM (1+ Years)

Question:Do the guests have to do anything to facilitate transfer etc...

Answer: No, hotel has called in furloughed staff to handle all of the logistics of moving data bases etc.. Hotel will continue to update me and if issues arise and we need guests assistance I will put out more info.

Question- when will 2-Night Sheraton guests be notified whether or not their rooms have been transferred to the new host property at the Doubletree

Answer: After they get all the current reservations entered for guests arriving on current 3 night reservations, they will start on the 2 night transfers. So next week guests should start receiving Doubletree confirmations to their emails. Waiting list guests will receive Sheraton confirmations. Guests who are not transferred will not receive a email but will be put on the group block floors at Sheraton. If cancellations come in at Doubletree then we will continue to transfer over Sheraton guests by earliest reservation date if guests wish to transfer.

Jun 10, 2020 12:21 PM (1+ Years)

Purgatory 2020 Updates

Flashback to July 2019….Purgatory was in full swing.  Hot summer sun, soft skin in barely there bikinis, pulsing music, & writhing bodies without a care in the world.  At the close of Purgatory 2019, we packed up our lingerie, toys, & music and the staff of DesirousParty began planning Purgatory 2020 to be wilder & hotter than ever.

Fast forward to March 2020….the world came to a screeching halt at the hands of an ass kicking virus.  Just like everyone else, we at DesirousParty stayed home, washed our hands, held our breath, & crossed our fingers, but never gave up hope of hosting Purgatory 2020.   DP staff has continued to plan & prep, but like the rest of the world, we’ve had to make our plans with patience & flexibility in mind.  As Texas has re-opened, Dp has adjusted details of the event in ways we never expected to bring Purgatory back for 2020.   The adjustments & changes we’ve had to make require us to ask our attendees to be flexible as well, but who’s better at being flexible, in all kinds of positions, than those in the lifestyle? 

Please read on for the latest updates, upgrades, and changes for Purgatory 2020. Lots of information and bullet points are at end of this post.

After careful consideration and meetings with hotel management to detail concerns that we’ve received from guests over health protocols, social distancing, privacy and the need for more space to host multiple events during Purgatory 2020. We have made the decision to upgrade the Purgatory event space to a different hotel.  Purgatory 2020 will be moved from the Sheraton N. Houston Hotel at IAH Airport to its’ sister property, the DoubleTree Hotel Houston at IAH Airport, which is located directly across the street from the Sheraton at the same intersection.  Purgatory dates remain the same with the party being held July 16-19, 2020. Guests who are flying into IAH Airport Houston still have convenient access to both the DoubleTree and Sheraton Hotels.

As the host hotel for Purgatory, the DoubleTree Hotel will also provide a full hotel takeover for all three days/nights of the event starting on Thursday, July 16th.  Purgatory attendees will be the only guests in the hotel at this time to enhance privacy and relaxation.  DesirousParty holds our guests’ privacy and safety as top priority which is reflected in our decision to double the venue space by moving the party location to the DoubleTree Hotel.  Moving  the event to the DoubleTree Hotel property provides over 50,000 square feet of event space and allows DesirousParty staff to host party goers in multiple venue areas throughout the hotel during the day and night time events.  From the ballrooms to the pool to bar area, guests will find parties with stocked bars, hot music, and even hotter bodies all over the hotel all day and all night.  Yes, multiple dj stages and events going day and night. We are greatly expanding Purgatory 2020 as adding more to your party package.

The DoubleTree Hotel has 313 guest rooms.  All Purgatory guests who currently have a hotel reservation for all three nights of the event will have their reservation automatically transferred from the Sheraton Hotel to the DoubleTree Hotel.   Purgatory guests who currently have a hotel reservation for two nights of the event will have their reservation transferred from the Sheraton Hotel to the DoubleTree Hotel beginning with reservations booked from earliest to latest until all rooms at the DoubleTree are filled.  Remaining Purgatory guests with a two night reservation and those currently on the stand by waiting list who are not able to be moved to the DoubleTree Hotel when it reaches room capacity will have their reservation continue to be held at the Sheraton Hotel on floors 8, 9 and 10 for a three floor block takeover.  Room equivalencies will be maintained as reservations are transferred from the Sheraton Hotel to the DoubleTree Hotel to be best that we can.   If your reservation at the Sheraton Hotel is for a standard king room, your reservation at the DoubleTree Hotel will be for a standard king room.   If your reservation at the Sheraton Hotel is for a junior suite, your reservation at the DoubleTree Hotel will be for an extended king room which is slightly larger than the junior suite.  If for any reason you wish to keep your reservation at the Sheraton N. Houston then you are also able to do so.

Purgatory guests whose reservations remain at the Sheraton Hotel will have the privacy of a three-floor takeover of floors 8, 9, and 10 exclusively for Purgatory attendees.  This gives us 159 rooms at the Sheraton and we will be moving waiting list guests to the Sheraton. Both the Sheraton Hotel and the DoubleTree hotel will be offering 24 hour a day shuttle service to and from the Doubletree Hotel for Purgatory guests.  Again, both hotels are directly across the street from each other at the same intersection. There is no need to walk or drive between hotels. Just hop on the shuttle and you are there in less than a minute.

Purgatory guests staying at the Sheraton Hotel will also receive complimentary breakfast each morning along with two drink tickets for breakfast mimosas and or blood mary’s.

Please Note: do not contact Doubletree or Sheraton as both hotels reservation systems for Purgatory dates are locked down by management.  Do not call the 1-800 reservation numbers as they will not be able to help you. Moving guests will take at least 5 business days to complete this task.  You may still email sung.kim@sheratoniah.com  to be put on the waiting list. Next week after the guest reservation transfers we will assign rooms to guests on waiting list and then update with a booking link for the Sheraton as well. Guests next week will get cofirmation emails from the Doubletree and also the Sheraton sa you are moved off the waiting list. Hotel cancellations have been extended to June 14th at midnight.  After June 14th all current reservations will be charged for the remaining balance.

Purgatory 2020 Highlights- Bullet Points

  • Full Purgatory itinerary/timeline coming soon
  • All guests will have their temp checked before wristbands are issued.
  • DoubleTree Hotel IAH is the new host hotel for entire Purgatory event offering increased event space to use throughout the hotel
  • DoubleTree Hotel will be a full hotel takeover for all 3 nights of event
  • Sheraton North Houston Hotel IAH will be overflow hotel for 2-night Purgatory guests
  • Sheraton Hotel will have a 3-floor takeover of rooms for hotel guests
  • Two name brand hotels to facilitate Purgatory guests-both recently remodeled
  • 24 hr. shuttle to take party guests to and from Doubletree/Sheraton N . Houston
  • Doubletree Hotel has a massive courtyard and pool area fully surrounded by the hotel for complete privacy.
  • Doubletree pool depth allows for walking & standing throughout entire pool
  • New for Purgatory 2020: Day & night pool parties for wet & wild fun with DJ sets and staffed bars will be held all 3 days/nights of the event
  • Day & night parties and theme events in the Grand Ballroom with DJ sets and staffed bars will be held throughout Purgatory
  • A third DJ stage venue for all 3 nights is in the works
  • A designated bar area for day time mixers hosted by the Craziers as well as night time mix n mingle for those who want a cocktail away from the music vibes to carry on a intimate conversation.
  • IV Bars of Houston will have a store front in the Escobar Suite just outside the lobby to offer IV infusions for guests to revitalize & rehydrate between parties
  • "The Craziers" will host “Meet n Mingle” mixers on all three days from 3pm-?
  • New for Purgatory 2020: “Sunday Funday” pool party at the DoubleTree from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm included with all two and three day party tickets
  • Purgatory guests whose reservations are transferred to the DoubleTree Hotel but are Marriott Bonvoy members will still earn Bonvoy points while staying at the DoubleTree.  Hilton Honors members will earn Honors points while staying at the DoubleTree
  • For questions or assistance, please email info@DesirousParty.com

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