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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020 Purgatory 2020 Dj's

Feb 4, 2020 9:01 PM (8+ Months)

Here are two announcements regarding dj's and the Heavenly House and Purgatory Grand Ballrooms. As promised two announcements and they are not related to each other. 1. Contract is agreed upon and Yokai has been signed for Purgatory. No set times as of yet. But super excited as heard great things about their recent Groove Cruise sets. 2. Many of you have asked and I liked the idea. So we are kicking off Thursday night, July 16th with switching out the House and Purgatory Main ballroom. Meaning for that night the Heavenly House Ballroom will be held in the Purgatory Grand Ballroom. So expect a stacked lineup for that night to kick off the Purgatory weekend. We will switch back up the ballroom locations on July 17th and 18th.

Yokai also joins announced dj's thur far........Lizzie Curious, Moe Green, Re Va', Scottyboy, Scooter/Lavelle, Faucon, one 8 seven, Bryan Lubliner and Mikedrop. More still to come. 

Mar 3, 2020 5:11 PM (7+ Months)

Here is the latest additions to the dj list along with saxophonists Jason Whitmore. 

Dj's are listed in no particular order. Signed thus far for Purgatory 2020

ScottyBoy   Lizzie Curious   Drums of the Sun    Scooter/Lavelle   Bryan Lubliner   Mikedrop   Moe Green   Yokai

one8seven  Faucon  Re Va'  Dj M.E. Jason Whitmore (saxophonists)

Purgatory Grand Ballroom

Music genre will be top 40, old school mixes, popular hip hop (not rap), dance remixes. 

Heavenly House Ballroom

EDM, house, trap, techno, dance remixes.

Pool Parties

A mixture of all the music genres mentioned above in the two ballrooms. 

Please note: No song requests are accepted on Purgatory weekend. Requests make it virtually impossible to build the energy and its like selecting songs from a juke box as its all over the place. We want to give everyone a great experience, ambiance and vibe. At night you will have two ballrooms with different music genres to pick from. Thank you for understanding and the dj will watch the dance floor and audience to make sure that people are dancing either on the dance floor or where they stand as the party progresses. 

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