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Halloween Erotica Ball- 20th Annual Post Overview

Oct 30, 2023 12:19 PM (6+ Months)

Halloween Erotica Ball post comments.....first and foremost thank you to everyone past and present who made the 20th annual an incredible weekend of parties. Over 1500 were in attendance and our largest event ever attendance-wise. I will forget some people as so many but a huge thank you (in no order) to all the host couples over the years, the Doubletree staff who welcome us with open arms, Miguel Aura Systems, with an incredible light/sound build out every time, Jen and Alex for the incredible Dirty Vibes Immersion Photo experiences and all of their crazy ideas over the years (lol), Christi Neeley and her team for taking the decor a notch higher every event, my door staff and security team who welcome you with a smiling face, and all the DJs who believe in the events and go out of their way to move those bodies... To all the O.G.s who have been with the DesirousParty brand since the beginning. I was overwhelmed seeing so many faces I had not seen in a while. The LS is a constant wind of change and people come and go. But to see so many who helped build this event and brand into what it is today made me so grateful. Lastly to all the new guests and there were so many of you. Thank you for joining us. I hope you had an amazing time and hope you spread the word to others who you feel will like this vibe. My brain is already going on what to do for the 21st annual and I have some great ideas. Stay tuned. 

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