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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend- Total Hotel Party Weekend 2013 PlayBor Day Weekend Do's and Don'ts

Aug 24, 2013 10:14 AM (9+ Years)
Every year we get quite a few questions regarding what to wear, what not to wear, can we do this etc..........Which are all good questions. This is our fifth big event at the DoubleTree with pool parties etc.. So we have learned as our guests have learned. But this is for all the new guests as its our mission for everyone to have a epic time. 

 The hotel is bending over backwards to accommodate our group as they do not normally cater to such events as ours.  In fact they normally turn down party events. It is basically a brand new hotel with a 100% renovation almost complete.  But over the last few years they have realized what a classy upscale crowd DesirousParty.com attracts and management is looking forward to the upcoming  party weekend.
Everyone will get a welcome letter upon checking into the hotel. On the letter we will have some do's and don'ts. We just ask everyone to basically use common sense (not being sarcastic) and remember that this is a corporate hotel and we will have to abide by their rules, city and state laws. Meaning no nudity in public places. What goes on behind closed doors is to your own level of fun. You cannot be topless in the pool, ballroom etc.. If you are roaming the halls please remember to cover up to some degree. You cannot wear swimsuits/thongs in the restaurant. Yes that did happen. lol The hotel understands what style of party this is, the theme etc...They know we are there to party and let our hair down so to speak over a great weekend of fun. Pasties are acceptable as part of your attire  in the ballroom.  Only our group will be in the group block on the cabana. There will be a librarian group at the hotel as they have been sharing the hotel with us on Labor Day weekend for the past two years. The group loves us as they say we are so fun, sexy people everywhere and classy. So it will not be a full takeover but we have our own group block rooms meaning only our guests in our sections. The pool and ballroom is only for Dp party guests. So no outside guests in those venues. 
The hotel understands that the parties start early and go late. The hotel also understands risque attire and that the group is here to have fun. Just please remember to cover up to some degree when in public places such as the elevators, lobby area, restaurant, esplanades etc..Skimpy bathing suites are fine but please be covered over the nipples and lower genitalia. 
One last foot note is the after parties. We let everyone in the group blocks host their own after parties if they so desire. We bring to you four great events and we let you decide on your own after parties and your own level of fun. We have found that this works best as the guest can amp up his or her own late night fun. 

If anyone has any other questions do not hesitate to let us know. As we are here to keep everyone informed. 

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