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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, 2021 Party Attire

Jul 7, 2021 12:31 PM (2+ Months)

Newbies here and read through the party descriptions as well as watched the video, but still a bit unsure what a couple of the parties are. Anyone have a better idea of what the Electric Inferno is? One description sounded like post apocalyptic Mad Max and another like Burning Man, lol.  Also the Heavenly White Glow sounds like all white but also neon. Assuming just go all out with both if we want?

Sorry for the dumb questions but we're excited and looking forward to next week! 

Jul 7, 2021 3:03 PM (2+ Months)

Welcome and thanks for the post. First and foremost you do you. Meaning however you wish to dress. Go all out as you interpret the theme. I will attach the theme descriptors for each night. 

The Evolution of Purgatory 2021. The 16th annual will bring a new theme and and much more.

For 2021, Purgatory expands to 4 nights/ 5 days. Over the next few days we will roll out each nights themes. With the addition of a new night we will also replace one of the traditional Purgatory themes as well.

Wednesday Night- off site (not at host hotel) club venue TBA- Pre Purgatory Mixer- night of drop dead sexy club attire. Hotel block is set for those who wish to add Wednesday night to their reservation.

Thursday Night- Electric Inferno.....a Netherworld of self expression.....electric steampunk meets desert glow, a night of uniquely different attire, sultry and scant (special entertainment artists will be brought in for this event).

Friday Night- Heavenly White (Glow) all event areas. Go all white or neon attire. So many glow options so go all out. 

Saturday Night- Purgatory- Heaven or Hell- let your imagination go wild with creativity. Who or what will you be in Purgatory? Angels, demons, nymphs, fairies, butterfliers etc.... Purgatory is the middle ground where everything exists. Let your imagination run wild. 

Sunday Day- Paradise:Rebirth- Sunday Funday Pool Party- mimosa's, bloody mary's, grill and some Sunday Vibes.

Here are the night time themes which will be accompanied by multiple stages outside and inside. Still to come are two day time themes as well.

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