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Feb 17, 2017 5:26 PM (1+ Years)

We've made it to the weekend again, and things are looking GREAT !!!

TONIGHT: We've got a lot of calls from SeXXXy Couples who say they're coming out to PARTY !!!

So, let's just say it's looking to be a HELL OF A LOT OF FUN FOR THOSE THAT JOIN !!!

Come out tonight and KICK OFF THE LONG WEEKEND like nowhere else !

We're here, and we can't wait to get to know each other a little better ... and a little less clothed !

*No theme ... just good times all around !

Is that MILD enough ???




This week's SATURDAY Theme is "ROLE PLAY" !

Have you ever wanted to be a Naughty Nurse, Sexy Professor, Dirty Minded Cop, Sleazy Secretary, Shifty Schoolgirl, Horny Soldier, or Brassy Executive ?

Maybe you've considered playing in D/s roles ?

Maybe you've thought of being a Porn Director and a Performer ?

Pick out your ROLE, and LIVE OUT YOUR FANTASIES WITH LIKE-MINDED ADULTS wanting to enjoy the same things YOU want to enjoy !

Is that getting a little WILDER for you ???


And we know that you're all getting REVVED UP for THE SECRET PARTY on Sunday !!!

Don't Forget:
SUNDAY is (most definitely) NOT a typical Party

Special Rules are in place regarding cell phones, dress code, and entry time !

NO ENTRY after 11pm


Price DOES increase on day of the event
There IS a cut-off number of couples allowed


Text us at (512) 251-1199

AHEM ... We're going to contend that for this Party "WILD" will be a drastic understatement !! (winky winky !!)


And finally ...

For those that want to know:

Approximately 4 Couples are interested in starting up the Kitchen/Dining Area by March 14th.

If you are interested, Let us know as soon as possible, because it is a relatively large undertaking and we hadn't scheduled it for such a short timeline !!!

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