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Purgatory Heaven & HellĀ® 2023 New to the Purgatory, Heaven & Hell Party? Read some Comments from Last Year Attendees.

Apr 27, 2023 2:25 PM (1+ Years)

The best part of Purgatory weekend is all the new faces attending each year. We have come to refer to them as the Damn Virgins. In fact we have named one of our stages after the Damn Virgins. We say this in pride and gratitude as the new first time guests to these events is what drives them bigger and better each year. 

Now here are a few of the comments we received last year from those who attended Purgatory 2022. 

  • What a weekend!! First purgatory with my love! Only got to be there one night but had a blast !! It was great seeing all of our friends and making some new ones! We love all of you so much !! 
  • We appreciated everyone's kindness. The abundance of enthusiastic, embracing couples and singles who showed us love allowed this to become a signature event that we will continue to attend. Thank all
  • I am still on a high! What an amazing party! What an amazing vibe! Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who came to my closing set in the Dirty Vibes Ballroom Saturday night. I am so humbled by the support and response. It means the world to me. Thank you David for the belief and opportunity. And thank you to my love for always being by my side
  • The center of the universe this past weekend was definitively located at DesirousParty Purgatory! No sensory nerve was left unstimulated! I was in awe of the commitment everyone made to their costumes! We were no longer “over the top”; Everyone went all out! Amazing! Congratulations David and your amazing team for building DesirousParty from our local Houston event organizer, into THE nationally recognized highest bar for celebrating life and friends. Now my contribution to the amazing pictures being posted!
  • Wow what an amazing weekend!!! The music was insane the lighting and laser show was incredible. This was by far the largest, sexiest and friendliest crowd. Huge thanks to the production team, DJs and entire staff.David not sure how you do it, but you make every year better than the one before and you make it look effortless. Excited about the tweaks you told me for next year. But most importantly a huge shoutout to the housekeeping team, they are the real MVPs. Now time to keep recovering because i feel like I’ve been run over by a truck
  • What a weekend!! Quite a few of you asked me about my step count at Purgatory. I ended up with 157,273 steps (68.9 miles) from Wednesday through the end of Scotty’s set on Sunday at 5pm. What’s funny is before we got there on Wednesday, Ken and I talked about how we were going to do more socializing and less dancing this year. That was an epic fail. The music this year was that good, and it just gets better and better every year.
  • The energy at this year's Purgatory was off the charts. Literally the most fun I have ever had as a dj.
  • I can not express the gratitude I have for David. Some may know that we have been around for many many years. We have had the privilege to see what David has accomplished through out the years. Every party every year has out done the previous. purgatory was a party for the senses. So many sexiness walking around. I loved all the DJs and danced my happy ass off. I can not put into words how proud I am of David. Thank you again kind sir for all your hard work.
  • Thank you all The team that made everything stay on another level. Everyone's support being a new DJ at Purgatory, you guys don't know how excited and grateful I will be to be a part of this event! Thanks David for trusting in my work and in all the treatment throughout the weekend. We had a great time! Thanks To All My Squad Wherever We Are There We Feel In Support Of Everything! Thank you!
  • We had such a great time at Purgatory! Thank you
  • EPIC WEEKEND survived my first purgatory!!!
  • We had such a blast meeting new friends and partying with old ones. The vibe throughout was on point! Great job to all those involved in putting on this event. We will definitely be back next year & in October for a 2nd Halloween
  • What an amazing event. A huge thank you to everyone who worked behind the scenes so we could have our best time ever!!!!!
  • Great seeing so many old friends and meeting lots of new ones. We had a great time!!
  • What an incredible weekend! Huge thanks to David and all the team for everything and to all of YOU gorgeous party people for rocking those dancefloors!
  • It was fabulous to see so many friends after having missed 2 years due to the pandemic - and to meet so many lovely new people too
  • Hey brother know you were behind scenes and didn't get a chance to let you know  The extra things put in play from the hotel keep up with the bathrooms to the Vegas styling and lights. Can tell all the hard work traveling to different Venues have paid off.  I just wanted to let you know from the small things to the big items (A-Z) was noticed. Great job to your team, along with Jenn and Alex and who ever had their hands in the pot. Bravo 
  • What an amazing purgatory!! We had an absolute blast!!
  • Awesome party some great costumes people really spent time and energy
  • We missed out on SO many pictures with our amazing friends. We were too busy having a blast in the moment with everyone.
  • Thank you to all our beautiful friends - those we saw for 2 minutes and those we saw for 2 hours - there’s never enough time running around and partying like maniacs but we love and appreciate every single one of you.
  • Thank you to the hosts, always making Purgatory outdo each year, drawing the crowds back even bigger and sexier.
  • First Purgatory was definitely one for the books! Such amazing vibes with old and new friends. I can’t even big begin to explain how much fun we had!
  • What an amazing, sexy, classy, FUN atmosphere to be in at literally ANY time of the day throughout the entire event.
  • We were blown away with the production of this event. The music. The lights. The set up. The PEOPLE. Everything.
  • It was so good seeing so many familiar faces and meeting even more and somehow even with 4 whole days, there still wasn’t enough time!
  • Huge thanks to every single person who made this event possible and 1000% over the top!
  • We can’t thank everyone enough for such a sexy and amazing community. The music, lights, and vibe was unforgettable. We are so fortunate to be apart of it. Love you all!  love every min of it!!!
  • Purgatory was an absolute blast!!! So much fun with our friends and meeting new ones. The crowd is always amazing n kind. Definitely danced so much more this time around! Lol A huge thanks for everyone who contributes to this amazing event!!! Definitely looking forward to next year and getting as many of our friends to join in on the endless fun and debauchery!
  •  I had such an amazing first Purgatory experience!!! So many great, sexy, amazing people! It was an absolute blast seeing old fantastic friends and meeting great new ones! Can’t wait for next year!
  • Purgatory did not disappoint! Missing all the vibes and DJ sets already. It was great to see some the OG’s from back in the day and great making new friends.
  • First ever Purgatory we had a blast and met so many amazing people.
  • First purgatory for us! Had a blast meeting everyone! Purgatory 2022 never disappoints! Sexy fun!
  • Another great Purgatory in the books. It was our first big event, and we have not missed one since. Thank you, David and Jen and Alex for creating a great event. It is always a great time with our closest friends. We have developed great friendships over the years, and always make new ones each year. So happy to see everyone! It just goes by way too fast!!! Until next time!
  • Purgatory did not disappoint! We danced our booties off! Shout out to David along with all of the amazing talent and DJs for making it an unforgettable party!
  • Our 1st Purgatory was SOOOOO much Fun!!
  • Most Epic US LS Party!
  • Purgatory was a blast! Always great times with our crew…
  • What an amazing time at Purgatory! So many fun people and so many good times
  • We had such a great time, and holy smokes the entire crowd was
  • Another great Purgatory in the books. It was our first big event, and we have not missed one since. Thank you,David and Jen and Alex for creating a great event. It is always a great time with our closest friends. We have developed great friendships over the years, and always make new ones each year. So happy to see everyone! It just goes by way too fast!!! Until next time!

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