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Mar 19, 2013 9:39 PM (10+ Years)
No latte's just espressos. Do you want a double shot or a single?
Mar 19, 2013 2:58 PM (10+ Years)
We are finishing up touches to the new forum. After that we do quick updates to the links page and last but not least is the new news feed. This will take quite a bit of coding as it will feed off what every member is doing on the site. However no worries as you will be able to control who follows you and who sees what. Just like in life you can as active on the new site as you wish. The site will be very addicting for those that have quite a few followers as well as follow quite a few members. As you will now have the opportunity to see quite a bit of what they are doing if you are allowed that privilege. Meaning updates, picture uploads, picture comments, rsvps, etc... 
This is the last part of the new site that needs to be coded and we will be working that into everything that is new and improved on the new site. 
Mar 5, 2013 6:15 PM (10+ Years)
Lots of questions at the recent parties about the new website. It has been a lengthy process as many of you know. But this is where we are at. As mentioned nothing has been pre coded (bought cookie cutter style) from other website templates. The members back end of the new site is now done and here are a few of the features. 
  • New photo section where you can have multiple picture folders etc... 
  • New members section with bio to write who, what and how all about you.
  • More discrete members section where visitors see nothing of your likes dislikes etc..
  • Members will have a couples  descriptor tag (vanilla, softball, etc..) as well has the male and female will each have descriptor tags. So search three different ways.
  • Members choose who follows them and what each follower is allowed to see. 
  • Members who follow you will be able to leave comments on your page as well as photo comments.
The new party/events section has been completed as well as the trip section. There will be a special section where visitors can see all of the club activities in calendar format. Visitors on the new site will only be able to see total number of rsvps and no longer member avators.

We have now coded in sections where brick n mortar clubs can join the site. No worries as we coded it where if you do not follow that particular club you will not be solicited by them with spam emails. 

What are we are working on now?

We are working on the forum and integrating that into the site. Then we move onto the front page design of the member side. Members will have unique newsfeeds that depend totally on who you are following. As you post things (updates, photos, comments, rsvps etc...) those followers will get your updates if you so allow it. Your pages will also auto refresh for you every few seconds as well. 

We will also start grouping members by their zipcodes only. So you can do a search to see who lives in your zipcode area. No specific addresses given. 

Events will be classfied by the hosts. Dp sanctioned events will be on the main page as well as the event page. These are considered premium events that your Dp hosts are in full control of. Club events will be posted on the parties/events page for all visitors to see. Plus members who follow that particular club will also get their event updates on their newsfeeds on their page. 

We are also making it where you can block certain members if you so wish. 

There are also a number of other features that we have not listed as so many upcoming changes. But everything listed is a enormous amount of coding. Then all of these features have to be coded so that it feeds properly to your newsfeed. We are hoping to be very close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So crossing fingers that it is by the end of the month. We will then launch the new site and let everyone test drive it to fix all of the bugs. With any new site there might be a few issues that pop up with so many members using the site. However we are testing each feature numerous times in a attempt to eliminate any or all issues. 

Lots of questions in regards to whether Dp will go to a paid site. The answer is simply yes. For 9 years we have been a free site and have basically outgrown our format. So over the last few years we added a bucket list of ideas that we wanted to bring forth. It takes a great deal of money to bring a site such as this to fruitation and to keep it running with hosting, maintenance etc... But we also do not want to lose our uniqueness and become one of those sites. Meaning we will remain couples and single females only. We will continue to require photo approvals, rated PG master public profile photos, classy formats and a hands on approach to all Dp sanctioned events. 
We also do not desire to become one of those sites. Meaning for what it costs two people to grab coffee at Starbucks, grab two beers at the bar or grab two cheat meals at McDonalds is what the monthly cost of the site will be. We will also be launching a lifetime membership, yearly and a quarterly. We are sure that some will get upset. But this site has always been a cut above the rest as have the events. So the new site will be nothing but the same and even more.  Some members have expressed a relief that we are going to a paid site with couples and single females only. As they felt that only the serious would remain and bring even a higher quality effect to the site. Meaning that if there are any fake profiles on the site these would be eliminated. 

But for now we will continue to code away and we hope you continue to support the events and continue to spread the word about DesirousParty.com As quite a few out of state members are now joining and the word is spreading that Dp is the place to be for the sophisticated, upscale and sexy to meet. 

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