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Websites New Photo Submission Rule for DesirousParty.com Members

Mar 9, 2013 10:31 PM (10+ Years)
If you want to photostamp it with Dp that is perfectly fine. That or as mentioned above we will give you the option with the new site to watermark it with Dp and your profile name automatically. But in the meantime if you want to do it yourself that is cool. 
Mar 8, 2013 8:15 AM (10+ Years)
It was brought to my attention that a lot of ladies love to take professional photos and they get watermarked by the photographer. So thinking of how to allow this as I cannot do it for a few and and not allow it for others. So we will allow professional photography watermarked photos but not allow .com's, along with the other variants listed earlier. Plus these photos will not be permitted as a master public photo to show validity on a brand new profile. Meaning that if you are a established profile you can load them up to your existing account to your public or private side. Like other LS websites we will not allow other LS water marked photos as well unless you are a existing society within the new Dp website. Meaning that if you are a approved brick n mortar club and have a society on Dp. Then you will be able to water mark your photos. 
So a fake profile trying to upload water marked photos as their master public profile picture to show couple validity will get denied. Same thing with a vague butt shot and then numerous water marked photos. These are going to get denied. If you are a established profile member and have a few professional photographer water marked photos then that is okay. Just not going to promote .com's and the other variants listed as they can be copied off numerous websites. As mentioned the site is growing rapidly and has gotten beyond the fact where we know many members and can try to guess if its valid or not. 

Not trying to be get crazy with rules. But we are the only quality LS website that is strictly for couples and single females only. We are uniquely different and feel that we are a cut above the rest. Hence the word, "Desirous". So thanks for being a part of the website. 
Mar 7, 2013 7:52 PM (10+ Years)
There has been a rash of fake profiles being submitted that are copied off other websites. Luckily we have software that catches the majority of these profiles. This site is for real couples and single females. Therefore we will no longer approve any photos that are stamped with .com's, website watermarks, club watermarks, party group watermarks etc....One perfect example is a rash of photos copied off of Las Vegas party websites that are watermarked. As we continue to grow and pull a nationwide membership this is becoming a prevalent problem. So we do this to encourage real couples and single females to join the site. As it benefits no one to have fake profiles that are just scamming the real intention of the site. If you wish to photoshop your Dp screen name over the photo that is acceptable. 
With the forth coming new site members will have the option to watermark their photo submissions with their screen name as our software will do that for you. This will help you to protect your personal photos. Of course this will be a option you can choose and will not be mandatory. 

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