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Pink Diamond NYE Affair NYE Party Pics

Jan 11, 2011 11:03 PM (13+ Years)
We posted this years  Pink Diamond Affair party pics to the photo gallery. Unfortunately we had a camera error this year. We took over 100 pics of so many cool great dressed people this year. But I guess it was our turn to have a camera problem.. When downloading the camera the memory card gave a error and we lost all our pics. So the party pics are lot of the same people. Mainly because we started asking those whom we knew had a camera that night to send us some pics. So those are going to be from a select group of people that person was hanging with that night. Not knowing that the would be called upon to share their pics with us. So we did not leave anyone out of the photo gallery intentionally. If you have some party pics from the Pink Diamond Affair that you would like to share in the photo gallery. Please send them to us at info(at)desirousparty.com
We will get them blurred and added to the gallery. Sorry for the delay and the exclusion of some of our guests as it was not intentional. Thank you again for a awesome NYE.

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