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Wild On........Desire Pearl- Spring 2013 Joined for Some Guidance and Information

Dec 28, 2012 6:54 PM (10+ Years)
No worries and thanks for joining the site. Glad you will be at the resort and looking forward to meeting you both. 
Dec 28, 2012 9:39 AM (10+ Years)
If you are there in April at Desire Pearl there is no protocol at all. If you wish to mix in mingle with the group please do so. We are a very friendly group from all walks of like. We have guests that join us from Mexico, Canada, Brazil, across the U.S. and Europe. Many people assume that we are from Texas only. There are no rules as many of our guests are just there for the energy of the group and or ambiance of the resort. We throw special group theme nights that distinguish our group from the rest of the resort guests. If you wish to join us in those theme nights please do so. 
The only difference is that those who book directly through Dream Pleasure Tours get a little extra special treatment. Gary Booth, owner, will be at the resort all week with us. Returning guests of Dream Pleasure Tours get special discounts, negotiate free transfers etc..and our rates are negotiated below the resort rates. We will be doing special mixers for the group, group dinners and you have your own special assistant when Gary is at the resort with us. So its a definite plus to have a go between you and the resort for special requests, needs etc... 
We are also working with the resort on guests Dj's, special music sets etc.. 
Our group is always very respectful, friendly and looking to meet new friends. So thanks for joining the site. Be sure to also browse the recent trip pics to Desire Pearl as we just returned in November. It was formerly Ceiba del Mar and you will also find trip pictures from two visits to that resort as well. 

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