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Aug 17, 2005 4:28 AM (18+ Years)

QUOTE BY Hot4teacher ON 8/16/2005, 11:03:42 PM
Where do you get wind of the stocks you watch?  From people your know, stock websites, magazines, papers, etc?

I don't use financial Advisors, and I watch Foxnews's Money shows to get a feel for how the sheep are going to think they need to invest.  I use Scottrade as my investment broker.  Something I do is I watch the Market Movers list.  The list has two colums one with the loosers and the one with winners, looser highlighted in red are the ones that have just hit a year low, winners highlighted in green are the winners that just hit a year high.  when a stock hits is year high, this usually means its on the move. I look up the stock to see what its history has been, if the stock hasn't moved that much up yet, I invest.  This worked out pretty well with MAIN.  Sometimes just watching the tics as trades are made you can figure out the types of investors in a given stock.  I watch the volumes of shares tradded as well.  Some factors such as interest rates, and oil will impact the smaller stocks differently than larger companies.  Something else I watch is the Afterhours trading on smaller stocks.  As they can give you an insite on where its going on the following day.  To me its just a game of chess.  Lets take further conversations to the Wallstreet topic.  I will post more there as I find more hot stocks 
Aug 15, 2005 1:17 AM (18+ Years)
I checked out that WIZD stock you talked about.  It looks pretty inconsistent, but it does appear to be going up, so pretty good.  I got into SIRI months ago, unfortunately I think SIRI and XMSR are going to have a tough time surviving if they can't get their subscribers up higher.  XM has done alot of promotions ( 6 months free subs for new car buyers )  This is good considering that GM sold a high number of vehicles in the last few months with their employee discount promotion, but the numbers have shown that XM looses customers at a higher rate than SIRI.  One of the biggest concerns I have is how is XM and SIRI going to compete with Internet?  Right now I can use my cell phone ( T-mobile) to get online, and it doesn't eat minutes.  If you look at South Keorea they are able to watch payperview movies from their cell phones.  Its just a matter of time before people start using IP for their radio and video needs. 

One stock I love is MAIN.  If you look at the charts you can see its on fire, with no sign of slowing down.  I watched it gain 5% 4 out of 5 days last week.  What is even more interesting is when OIL prices are high causing the rest of the market to sell, it seems everyone buys into MAIN. 
Aug 14, 2005 10:59 AM (18+ Years)
Anyone have a hot stock.  Here are a few of my favorites for day trading.
main mainstreet restraunt group// this thing is on fire!!!
siri sirius satalite radio // used to like it but with 25 M shared traded daily its kind of a whore
brk.a Berkshire hathaway. // if only I could afford it
msft  microsoft //  Gates is God
hmc  honda //  The only thing stable in my portfolio : )

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