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Apr 27, 2011 7:23 AM (12+ Years)
We have put up a brand new website on the right hand side of the page where the banners go. Houston Night Out is a information site geared toward the educated professional adult who is looking for what is out and about in Houston. We are always getting asked what to do when there is not a Dp event.  So now we can point you toward a site where you can get all the information at. You can see dining specials, drink specials, daily Events, band venues and lodging specials as well. Plus you can be entered to win $1000 if you enter their text list, email list and like them on FaceBook as well. Each entry gets you three chances toward the money. Dj Adrenal, aka Josh, who was part of our Pink Diamond NYE Dj lineup is part of Houston Night Out. So when we heard this then we knew that we wanted to let our members and guests know about the site. Josh recently moved from San Francisco and he knows how to keep the person who is looking for something different to do, educated on where to find it. So check it out as its new and full of information.

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