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WallStreet Hot Stock: MAIN

Oct 24, 2005 1:55 AM (18+ Years)
yeah I regret not going with my gut instinct, and buying it when it went public.  I just have a bad feeling that it is going to eventually crash when the hype runs out.  kind of like SIRI ( sirius satelite radio ).  Anyone still in Satelite radio should get out now.  Considering that the technology is based on one way communications, and T-mobile will be launching their G3 networds by 2007.  Sirius will never make enough to pull a profit.  Those who know how will be using their cell phones to stream the 1000's of online radio stations.  Can you imagine the day when you just stick your SIM card into the dash of your car and wallaa.  Your have internet on the go.  A buddy of mine already does this with Verizon's Network, but he pays $40 a month, plus airtime when using it.  Eventually it will be flat rated when the rest of the Telecoms catch up, and cost only $5-7 a month. 
Aug 16, 2005 6:59 AM (18+ Years)
You all should check out MAIN,  it went up another 8% today, it hasn't gone down for the last 6 business days, and has made 3-5% gains each day.  I thought this one had a ceiling around 6 so I put in my limit order to sell at 5.99,  then it jumped to 6.19 in the last hour of trading.  The strategies I use on judging this stocks performance for the day. If its up on afterhours trading, then most likely it will go up the same day.  Try using MSN.com for stock quotes and it will tell you the afterhours performance. 
If Oil prices are causing all the big boys to loose value, then it usually goes up, due to higher than normal volumes from investors looking for opportunities.  If anybody else has a hot stock or a tip, create a new thread for it.  If any of you have any comments about this stock, post it in this thread.  Thanks

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