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14th annual Houston Halloween Parties Halloween Houston Parties- After Thoughts

Nov 3, 2017 10:01 AM (1+ Years)

First and foremost we say thank you to each and everyone of you who continue to spread the word about DesirousParty and our events. Secondly sorry as I type alot........

Each year we put a final thought into one of our largest yearly events. Our Halloween event is the party that started it all off for DesirousParty.com 14 years ago. We remember the days when it started off with a 100 or so guests and now we track the number of guests to decide on a sold out status. We got very close to a sell out this year. As quantity is never more important to us than the quality of a event. Without quality you have nothing.

So this year we were hugely impessed. There were alot of obstacles this year with recovery of the hurricane that affected people from Houston, across Texas and other states. Plus our Houston Astros were in the World Series and alot of other events attracted our yearly core crowd. Any smart event producer knows you have to constantly re-invent yourself, draw in a new core crowd and as I like to say, attract new blood to the events. The 14th annual Halloween Erotica Ball was that year! 

Each year I say it and each year we beat our year before figures at the host hotel for our group block. This year was our largest group block for Halloween in 14 years. We had couples from as far away as Canada attend this year's party. To date we sold more single female tickets on pre sale than ever before. I quote as a uber sexy group walked through the doors, "We watched your party vidoes and we knew this was the party for us". They were not kidding as they made a direct path for the stages. 

We do these parties as we like to create and see our visions succeed. We love to make people happy, help them create or fulfill their fantasies and often reconnect as a couple. I had so many people this year walk up to me and thank me for the DesirousParty.com site and for also hosting the Halloween Erotica Ball. We as seasoned party veterans dont see the event as the person attending for the first time. For them its a fantasy wonderland of sexy bodies, high energy music and something they only dreamed about. 

So this year we were happy to once again have well over 700 people attend the Halloween Erotica Ball. Something I do not ever do is share our web stats with you. But this year we blew away our stats from the last two years. For the week leading up to the party, Sunday to Saturday. We had 2.5 million page views, 3.3 million hits on the site and a little over 10k brand new visitors to the site that had never logged on before. Not total visitors but brand new visitors seeing the Dp site for the very first time. For us this was super impressive as we are a niche lifestyle website catering only to couples and single females and our demographic is mid twenties to the mid fifties. Then we shrink it down more as only going after the uber sexy crowd who loves sexy themes and high energy music. 

I want to give kudos to PMP who produces all our sound and light shows over the last 3 years. Thanks to our photographers, ShutterShock and Dylan Duval. Our video crew, Tex-Mex Video and this years dj's, Donald Glaude who put the Ultra Lounge in a sexy frenzied state, Dj's Omaar, Jeff -H and dropcap. Plus all our host couples who meet n greet, welcome new guests and help represent the Dp image and brand. 

So in closing we also say Thank You to all our members and guests. We would not and could not do this without you. We greatly thank each and every one of you who continues to spread the word about the DesirousParty site and our events. We create, we produce and we pour our energy into every event to make sure that you receive one heck of an experience each and everytime you come out. So again thank you and we look forward to the next time you attend one of our events. 


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