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Purgatory Heaven & HellĀ® 2023 Guest Comments and Post After Thoughts from Purgatory 2023

Jul 21, 2023 11:32 AM (10+ Months)

Wow, what a great 18th annual Purgatory, Heaven & Hell 2023. I normally do a follow up post a few days after. But this year i rested up, got alot of feedback, and enjoyed all the party photos across social media. Seems that as I worked behind the scenes I missed one hell of a party. But I love watching it from the guests and my videographers view point. A small vision coming to a huge fruitation 18 years later excites me and motivates me for the next hotel takeover. 

Before I get to what everyone has been asking. I would like to quickly thank you the guests whether it was your first time or have attended Purgatory before. I, We, have a tremendous team that make this event possible.  Jen/Alex with the Dirty Vibes immersion photo booths, then the DesirousParty/Dirty Vibes Travel booth team full of host couples.from all over the U.S..These host couples feel the vibe of the brands and reflect it as well. The Dj's and their incredible energy. Having four stages it takes artists that can cover all the music genres. Hence why we had 22 DJ's this year. I know we can't make everyone happy music wise. But the DJ's damn well try across the event. We can have an amazing event, sexy crowd but we need Dj's that feel and know the vibe to move those bodies. Purgatory 2023 definitely had a great team of artists this year. Then the man who has been behind the majority of the hotel takeover sound/light designs is Miguel with Aura Systems. We dream up a design each year to bring you something uniquely different. This year's grand ballro om design has been on my wish list for the last 3 years. Expect to see it again with a few tweaks and alot more haze to amplify the light show. I then roll into the hotel staff who has welcomed us the last 4 Purgatory's to the DoubleTree. This team loves our guests and welcome us with open arms each year. It has been a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to Purgatory 2024 next year back at the Doubletree. Lastly my front door staff and security team. They along with the hotel front desk team are the first faces you see as you get to the party. They set the welcome impression for you and keep the welcome feelng flowing all weekend long over some really long hours. It is a big Purgatory framily for them and they love it. 

Ok closing this out. Over the weekend we did right at 1400 people with all event and or two night combo tickets. Then we had our walk up crowd buying single event tickets over the four days and nights that was on top of that large number.  Let's just say it was our largest attended Purgatory to date. Which is amazing as you will read below. The crowd was extremely sexy and a huge statement as to what and why DesirousParty.com was created for back in 2004. 

i want to close out this year with comments that I received and or saw posted from Purgatory 2023 guests across social media. These are just comment captures as all guests are anonymous for their own privacy. But thank you for all the comments. 

  • Our first Pugatory experience was amazing! The sexiest group of people, great friends, fun vibe, and off the chart parties! Will not be our last!
  • have to say Purgatory felt a lot like Europe. You were hard pressed to find a body that is not in practice of self care and self love. From the 20 somethings to the 60 somethings… a lot of fit fucking people!! Self care and self love is so fucking sexy and hot!
  • We once again had one of the most amazing experiences at purgatory. Saturday night main Ballroom, OMG’, talk about bring the HOUSE DOWN!! So incredible. Thankful for this life, close friends and these parties!
  • This Purgatory was epic!
  • It was dope to meet a lot of you. We haven’t hit Putgatory in a while and it didn’t disappoint. Good job Purgatory team.
  • We'll be reminiscing about this phenomenal event for a long time because it was that good. Huge thanks to all the awesome DJs, behind the scene staff & and any other staffers who contribute to making this the best lifestyle party of the year! Let's not forget the hotel staff too as they were on point all weekend! Overall, we had a total blast & met some fantastic people!
  • This was DEFINITELY our favorite event/takeover/party of the year!! Maybe our best event ever! So many sexy, beautiful, amazing people, incredible music and vibes, and it all went so smoothly! Thank you so much for organizing such an EPIC Purgatory!
  • Epic event! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen! Purgatory crew... DJs, workers, and talent...
  • THANK YOU for a flawless weekend of fun and friends. Stellar job. Our only question... How do you manage to keep improving this party year over year?! So wonderful to experience such a sexy group of humans living their best lives.
  • Purgatory gets better every year! Thanks to everyone who puts on the event and makes it the best LS weekend around!
  • Thank you for another epic Purgatory 2023! The vibe was unreal all weekend! Thank you for creating the sexiest environment always!
  • We can’t wait till next year
  • Thanks for another Amazing Purgatory! Still recovering.
  • Met so many amazing people.
  • First Purgatory in the books! Still trying to recover. Loved meeting so many beautiful new friends!
  • Our first Purgatory did not disappoint… best party of the year!!
  • This party is one for our books! Had the best time! Met some amazing peeps.
  • Purgatory left us speechless. It exceeded every expectation we had walking in and we can’t wait to come back to Texas. Met some incredible people.
  • Such an amazing 4 days of fun and adventures. Met so many new friends! Met so many incredible Djs.
  • What a great weekend at purgatory 2023
  • So blessed to have met so many great people and created some great memories.
  • Hats off to the team and all staff. Holy shit you guys weren’t kidding when you said the super bowl of the LS party’s and we keep hearing the same shit, YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET!!!
  • The Super Bowl of Lifestyle parties, Purgatory 2023.
  • Had another amazing year at Purgatory!
  • Purgatory 2023 was an absolute blast! We had so much fun hanging out with some of the best people and meeting new friends. Already looking forward to Purgatory2024!
  • Purgatory 2023… Best one yet! We will be back next year.

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