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Punta Serena- April 2012 Group Trip moved to Tempation Los Cabos

Feb 26, 2012 10:52 PM (12+ Years)
Please read the below news article that just happened recently. This area is very near to where Punta Serena is located. Several people were upset that we chose to cancel the group trip to Punta Serena in regards to their safety. This is exactly why we made this decision and why we chose to move the group trip to a safer part of Mexico that is a tourist area and has no travel advisories. It's all about fun, partying and relaxation while on vacation. Not any of this type of action that was not going on when we originally booked the resort.

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico (AP) Mexican security officials say an armed group has robbed 22 foreign tourists who were traveling by bus near the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta.

The city's public safety secretary said in a statement that the tourists weren't injured in the Thursday night attack although their possessions were seized.

The statement said a group of hooded attackers intercepted the bus while it was passing through the town "El Nogalito."

The statement didn't disclose the nationalities of the robbed tourists and police hadn't found the suspects.

The U.S. State Department recently warned against nonessential travel to parts of Jalisco state, where Puerto Vallarta is located. The warning didn't name Puerto Vallarta itself.

Feb 16, 2012 9:49 PM (12+ Years)
Here is the official announcement and the new trip to Temptation Los Cabos is now on the site. Sorry for any inconvenience but this was for our trip guests utmost safety in mind.  

Switching of group trip from Punta Serena to Temptation Los Cabos

We are unfortunately having to cancel our group trip to Punta Serena due to the travel advisory issued by the U.S. Government. Punta Serena sits amongst two areas of Mexico that the U.S. is advising to avoidtraveling in. If you have seen in the news the recent seizures of over 215 tons of Meth were in this area very close to the resort and or airport in Manzanillo.  We did not want to risk the safety of our trip guests and have decided to move the group to Temptation Los Cabos.

There is no travel advisory for Cabo San Lucas as stated by the U.S. Government and the area is frequented by many U.S. tourists. We have secured greatly discounted rates for our group. We understand that you will have to make changes to your airfare. However the savings of nearly $200 a day per couple will make up for these costs and still save your money unless you wish to upgrade to a suite. Plus the trip is all inclusive and is a Desire property. The Desirous Party group did our spring break trip in 2010 to this resort and your Dp hosts suggested this resort for the change of venue.

We will be updating the event information and will be keeping the same theme nights. There are passion suites available as well as ocean view rooms as well. Plus there are no large groups there during our week so we will strive to keep the chemistry the same with the group trip.   However this is the week before the resort switches back to a Desire theme property. Meaning that our week will allow singles at the resort. But this should not be a problem as no issues arose in2010 and it could possibly add a little more chemistry to the week.

Please contact Angie at 1-800-349-3025 ext. 105. As she will assist you with your travel changes to Temptation Los Cabos. If you have not been to Temptation Los Cabos before do not worry. As it is a beautiful resort. located on the water, has a expansive beach and is loaded in amenities.

Feb 16, 2012 5:45 PM (12+ Years)
We have now officially moved the group over to Temptation Los Cabos. All inclusive deluxe rooms start at $198/couple per day. Which is a unheard of price for a lifestyle resort. Plus the resort has given us three passion suites for our groups use only for the after parties etc... One jacuzzi holds 18 people with other two holding 12 and 8. All amenities will be available to the group and Dj M.E. will spin poolside daily. While the resorts Dj's spin in the disco at night. If we wish the resort will also set up Dj M.E. in one of the passion suites so he can spin for the group there as well.
So even with the change for our guests security. This gives an incredible savings to many who would not have been able to go on this group trip. I personally have not seen these type of prices in over 10 years for a resort of this stature.
Party flier and trip info will be updated later tonight. If you have questions you may call Angie, Dream Pleasure Tours at 1-800-349-3025 ext, 105
Feb 16, 2012 1:11 PM (12+ Years)
This will affect several here on Desirous Party and this is breaking news. We are moving the group trip from Punta Serena to Temptation Los Cabos. This is due to the U.S. travel advisory to the area around the resort and airport. The resort sits in two no travel zones as this is where over 215 tons of Meth has been seized in the last six weeks. There is no travel advisory for Cabo San Lucas and we have received a discounted group rate that is half of Punta Serena. Meaning approximately $200/a day per couple all inclusive. Which will save everyone a great deal of money while still vacationing at a great resort with tons of amenities. This is the week before Temptation switches back to Desire and you will not see these rates again at a Desire property. We are also being given three jacuzzie suites for our groups use only and Dj M.E. will still emcee the week. We did not want to make this change but it is for the safety of our guests. Plus I will personally be making phone calls to all guests who have already booked to answer your questions.

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