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6th annual Fall Rendezvous at Desire Pearl Group Discussion, Members Forum Chat, Trip Details etc...

Nov 7, 2016 10:47 AM (7+ Years)

Due to the weather forecast not being favorable for a catamaran cruise tomorrow. We have cancelled it. Operators wanted the money up front with no cancellation. So not going to be jeopardize peoples money nor their safety  with the weather. So on to the party and music will start at 3pm today poolside. Your hosts are poolside all day and we hope to meet you there. 

Nov 3, 2016 12:22 PM (7+ Years)

5th annual Fall Rendezvous at Desire Pearl  

First and foremost welcome to Desire Pearl, and thank you for choosing to travel with the hosts of  DesirousParty.com and Dream Pleasure Tours.  Enclosed you will find the theme nights (with a special DesirousParty twist to them) and some special group itineraries that are exclusive to just us.  The theme nights, nor the group special mixers, are not mandatory.  After all, this is your vacation.  We want you to have a great time, but this is a great way to meet other group members. We have special swag bags full of assorted goodies for all trip guests that booked with Dream Pleasure Tours. We know we have a few premier couples who are part of Dp so we are bringing some extras as well. So if we miss you at the front desk, look for us poolside. We have also arranged for special Dj's to spin Live every afternoon, Sunday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm at the Jacuzzi/Pool area. So again, thank you for joining us at Desire Pearl for what will be a great vacation.  

Theme Nights & Group Itinerary


  • 3pm to 6pm- Dj's spinning at the hottub/pool area. Unofficial group mixer at pool/hot tub. We will be with other resort guests, but a great ice breaker to shake the travel dust off, and grab some drinks before the group theme night at the disco. 
  • 9pm- Nightly meet at Agave bar (next to lobby)  to mix in mingle before disco opens.  
  • 10pm - Sunday Night  Theme- Rave Glow Party- wild neon wigs, white attire, just glow


  • 3pm-6pm- Dj spinning Live at Pool/Hot tub area.
  • 9pm- Nightly meet at Agave bar to mix in mingle before disco opens.  
  • 10pm-  Monday Night  Theme- Naughty School Girl with a Punk Rock Flair


  • 1030am-230pm- We have chartered a 50ft Catamaran (leaves from Pearl pier)  that can hold 20 couples max (10 couple minimum)- cost is $120/person and includes food and alcohol. Please see David to pre pay and or see Adolfo at the dive shop. This is limited to the first 20 couples as that is all it can hold. This is a clothing optional booze cruise and we can stop to snorkel if you wish.
  • 3pm-6pm Dj Spinning Live at Pool Area/Hot tub area.
  • 9pm- Nightly Meet at Agave bar to mix and mingle before disco opens  
  • 10pm-Naughty Playboy Bunnies


  • 3pm-6pm  Dj Spinning Live poolside.
  • 9pm- Nightly meet at Agave bar to mix and mingle before disco opens.  
  • 10pm- Bare as you Dare- pasties, thongs, let your imagination run wild


  • 3pm-6pm Dj Spinning Live at Pool/ Hot Tub Area
  • 9pm- Nightly meet at Agave bar to mix and mingle before disco opens  
  • 10pm-  Night theme  Uniform Desirous with a Sexy Twist.

Thank you again for joining DesirousParty.com at Desire Pearl.

Oct 28, 2016 10:12 AM (7+ Years)

Count us in David.

Oct 28, 2016 7:41 AM (7+ Years)

Ok great. I spoke to the hotel dive shop yesterday and we have chartered a 50ft catamaran that will pick up up at 1030am at the Desire Pearl pier. We have a 11 couple minimum and its $120/person and it includes booze/food. We will be back at 230pm in time for the dj set at the pool and to kick off the afternoon party mode. However I am sure we will be in full party mode by 230pm anyways. 

We have 3 couples already so just 8 more to go and we can take up to 15 couples. I am negotiating a cheaper price if we go over 11 couples also. 

Oct 25, 2016 10:25 PM (7+ Years)

For the group that will be at Desire Pearl. We are looking at renting a catamaran on Tuesday, November 8th is the weather is good. Just asking for a show of hands, lol, let us know if you are interested. Cost will be approximately a $100/person and will include food and alcohol. 


Oct 17, 2016 7:17 PM (7+ Years)

Several of the group members going on the Fall Rendezvous group trip have mentioned that they would like to have created a members forum chat area for everyone to mix n mingle online. It's a great idea and something many could contribute to for those who are making their first trip to Desire Pearl and or joining in on a group trip. 

We arrive on Sunday, November 6th and many know us as the hosts/owners of DesirousParty.com Group activities we are working on will the a catamaran cruise on Tuesday the 8th and we are trying to go out at 1030am and return at 230pm. 4 hours is plenty for many and we are working on a large catamaran. Also on the 8th will be the group dinner that night at the restaurant near the pool. We are asking for 715pm. We all sit family style at tables put together to mix n mingle and for many its one of the high lites of the trip. 

This will mark our 9th trip to Desire Pearl and its our favorite lifestyle resort. If you have questions for us, ideas, or whatever the trip members wish to discuss this is the area for it. Just fire away and hopefully many will chime in. 

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